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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    ID: Smokegrenade - Lvl 99

    Looking for neighbors that gift parts and accept request daily. No food gifts.

    My Playstyle
    1) Tip when i have the time. I do not post on wall when i tip.
    2) Accept request and gift parts daily - unless i am busy with something.
    3) I do not do individual or specific gifting - too time consuming.
    4) Only mass gift parts

    If my play-style do not suit you then do not add me.


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    Jan 2016
    In the Farm Story 2 Forum.


    About me/my play.

    * I gift goal tools daily
    * I will tip you silently on a regular, if not daily basis.
    * I am a level 81+ player, if that matters to you.
    * I do not gift individual gifts, though I do respond to and accept requests that you've sent me.

    I am just starting back up again, so I will remain under a 3 star until I can get more neighbours to have and tip.

    It doesn't matter (to me) if you;

    * Don't gift or tip daily - or don't tip at all.
    * Or what your star rating is, weather it be a 0 or even a 4.
    * It doesn't matter what level you are. You can be a level 7, and I will still accept.

    However, regardless of your gameplay; I would prefer if you clean your tables on a semi-regular basis so that I can try to remain a decent star rating - if possible.

    ID: TwixAndScones

    If you gameplay isn't compatible with mine, please do not add me. As I only want neighbours who understand my gameplay and doesn't expect more from me when/if we ever become neighbours. My gameplay is above as stated. You will not get more or less of that from me.

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    ID is Suzannadriana

    Gift en part request every day.
    Level 99

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    ID is Lizziedarcy1. I gift parts and respond to part requests. Not a daily tipper.

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    Hi, everyone! I?ve been playing Bakery Story for YEARS, and most of my neighbors are inactive. I don?t tip and don?t care about tipping; I simply need neighbors who answer requests daily. I play MULTIPLE times a day and always respond to requests!

    ID: twinki920

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    Add Me : kenuskenus

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    3-4 star neighbors!!! ( I DONT ACCEPT 0-2 HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND), (you dont have to leave a post on wall)

    please have your GIFT preference on your wall or write it on my wall!! (i can not stress this enough it is highly aggravating when neighbors dont let me know what gift they want and then complain when i send them random gifts, please lets avoid this from the start and make it easier on the both of us) : D

    Im also looking for neighbors who do goals! plus actively respond to all request sent out!! (I will do the same)
    if thats you add me
    ID antihunnie

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    ID: wtnvbakery - Lvl 99

    Looking for neighbors that does not care about tipping and follow every events.

    Things I do:
    1) Mass Tip when event requested (my star will went up to 3 on those moment)
    2) Gift new parts on event and old parts on non-event period daily
    3) No individual or specific gifting - first 4 days of event I gift the first two new parts and remaining days for the last two new parts
    4) I reply to all gift requests
    5) I don't left message on wall often

    I check every neighbor to see if they are making event oven before removing inactive players. Star level does not mean anything to me. Do not expect daily tipping.

    Thank you.

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    Hi there! I'm a 4 star active player

    My play style:
    1) Will send the same gift as request.
    2) Gift to those who post their gift preference on my/their wall.
    3) Mass gift goal parts(during goal)/basic parts to the rest.
    4) Tip and post everyday.

    Basically if you are my neighbor you will receive the gift you need everyday for sure!
    Because I check every request and every wall!

    Looking for:
    1) Neighbor who knows how to gift goal parts.

    Will remove:
    2) Table full for 3 days and not responding.

    If you need more active player, here's my ID:iwantdeaduwu
    Last edited by iwantdeaduwu; 07-28-21 at 04:16 AM.

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    Hi! I'm a 3/4 start active player looking for active neighbors who are into tipping.

    My style:
    -I only accept basic parts, though I gift based on preferences/requests
    -I send individual gifts
    -I tip every day

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