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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Host(ess) tckelekia's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Big Island, Hawaii
    Please add tckelekia

    I'm a long time active daily player, responds to all requests. I don't tip often and I DO NOT send/accept food. Looking for others who are the same. I will delete any neighbors who give food or who send anything not goal-related during goals.
    Storm8 ID: tckelekia
    Dragon Story lvl 200 (Kelekia Island)
    Fantasy Forest Story lvl 200 (Kelekia Forest)
    Bakery Story lvl 99 (Kelekia's Cafe)
    Restaurant Story lvl 99 (Kelekia's)
    Pet Shop Story lvl 99 (Kelekia's Pets)

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    Returning high level player. I play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story. I don?t care if you gift food or parts, I?ll take either. I care more about accepting requests. I gift parts and always help out.

    I rarely tip, but don?t care if you do. 2 accounts,

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    Add me: chaerbbang
    I played since it came out but took a break. None of my neighbors are playing!! And i need many tools for my ovens. I will send gifts and leave tips if you do the same. Thanks

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    Please add: chaerbbang and jayc1984
    I only send requested gifts. I need neighbors who do the same. If you leave tips, i tip you back. Thanks

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    1. Reset is 2Am for me so Im asleep. I gift upon rising. (Between 6am - 8am CST) I PREFER players who play during same time so that neighbors dont feel they are being used. I understand that it can feel lopsided when one player is always gifting at reset & the other may not ever have the chance to gift.

    2. I gift PARTS ONLY & I accept PARTS ONLY. (Food gifters will be deleted & 0-2 star players will be declined)

    3. I play goals, but if I skip one, Ill still send whatever you need.

    4. I will NOT accept people who PLAY from their WALL, SILENT TIP or MASS GIFT. Tired of one sided play. Obviously, as evidenced above, Im a fair player & appreciate it if my neighbors are too.

    5. If this is ok with you, and you would like to be neighbors, please reference this post when sending an invite.

    NOTE: I realize this may seem like a lot of rules for a game, but I want a fair game for both my neighbors and I. Been playing a long time and Ive that time spent on the game is much more enjoyable when both parties benefit from each other.

    Thanks so much! ID: lightandlove83

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    Hi! My S8ID is AlyxTheGae.

    I gift with parts, and can try to follow requested items as closely as possible.

    I?ve only just restarted my game, so I?m a low level, but I?m an active tipper and can try my hardest to tip every day

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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kimmy42. I am level 99 and only gift goal parts and answers requests. Sorry no tipping.

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    I?m looking for 2-4 star neighbors. I?m usually a 3 or 4 star. I tip and gift (definitely gift during goals) all neighbors Monday-Friday. I tip off my wall and newsfeed (gift if there is a goal) during the weekend if I?m not too busy. Add me mermaidfox

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    Sep 2015
    Hi! Just deleted most of my neighbours because they all seemed to have left the game So I'm looking for some new ones!

    ID: Haaas

    I'm a lvl 99 player
    I don't really tip and please don't gift with food

    I'm also on Restaurant Story so add me there as well!

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    Nov 2013
    Hello! I am a returning player who?s looking for active neighbors!

    Feel free to add me! I tip and help regularly!
    My ID: mireley

    I will also be playing My Restaurant Story!

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