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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Feel free to add me!

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    Hi! I'm a long-time level 99 player who took a long hiatus but have been back playing regularly for almost a year.

    Here's how I play and what I'm looking for:
    - Gifts goal parts during events
    - Gifts basic parts not during events
    - Will accept material requests
    - Does not care about tips (I rarely leave tips)

    I check in multiple times a day for gifts and material requests. If this sounds like your game style please add AngelxOxBabiie

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    Aug 2021
    Feel free to add me.
    Looking for help with parts since I am building a few things.

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    I'm looking for level 99 new neighbors, please add me ONLY if we are compatible.

    - Creative, love to decorate.

    - I only mass gift goal parts during goals otherwise I send basic parts.

    - I answer all requests & expect the same from you.

    - I don't care for tips, I am not 4 stars.

    If this play style is compatible with you then add Natasha_07 & please leave a message on my wall as I decline random invites.

    Thank you!

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    3-4 star neighbors!!! ( I DONT ACCEPT 0-2 HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND)

    please have your GIFT preference on your wall or write it on my wall!! (i can not stress this enough it is highly aggravating when neighbors dont let me know what gift they want and then complain when i send them random gifts, please lets avoid this from the start and make it easier on the both of us) : D

    Im also looking for neighbors who do goals! plus actively respond to all request sent out!! (I will do the same)
    if thats you add me
    ID antihunnie

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    I?ve been playing on and off for many many years. I?m level 99 and I'm looking for level 50 plus neighbors only. Im sorry! please add me ONLY if you actually do below.

    * I mass gift goal parts during goals otherwise I send basic parts. If you don?t like what I send, you can always decline. (I DON?T WANT FOOD) If you send goal parts during events & basic parts after then you can add me? I have a message on my wall with what basic posts I want. You may choose from them only?

    * I answer all requests & expect the same from you. It?s only fair you do the same. If you don?t I will remove you.

    * Your don?t have to tip. I only require you to answer request, gifts goal parts during goal and send basic parts only which no goal is active?

    If you don?t mind this play style and you can say you ONLY GIFT GOAL PARTS during goals is active, GIFT BASIC PARTS ONLY (NOT FOOD) when goal parts are not active then add me lovemelongtimehuh

    ****** I do see if people are actually answering request via my feed and will remove you if you?re not answering request or gifting. I don?t care about tipping. I have new neighbors on a 30 day trial and if I see you are not answering my request, gifting goal parts when goal is active or sending basic parts not food, you will be removed. I just removed over 100 people cause of this?

    Plz leave message on wall saying you do all those. I don?t add random people or anyone under level 50 anymore.
    Thank you!
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    My bakery name is WhippedCakeCo
    Lvl: 99

    ID: thatdamnkianna

    I mass gift during goals, I don't tip every single day but try to tip 1-2 times a week. I respond to requests throughout the day when I have time. If you leave a message on my wall for your daily gift requirement, I'll do my best to send what you ask for!

    Fair warning, I like this game and play for fun, so if you want a neighbor who tips every single day or require a 4 star rating at all times, do not add me. It is time consuming and I may fall to 2 or 1 star from time to time, but not frequently.

    I don't really care what your star rating is or if you tip me at all, I'd just like neighbors who play the goals. I also prefer higher level neighbors (65-70+) because from experience, BS beginners don't seem to stick around long and I don't like gifting parts people cannot use for ovens they cannot unlock.

    So feel free to add me if you think we'd get along as neighbors!

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    Looking for new active neighbors.

    Only thing I need is answering materials requests, that's it.

    No need to tip, no need to send gift everyday.

    ID: yoooogurt

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