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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Feb 2019
    Add me - LJHIG

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    Mar 2019
    We play daily, send requested parts and gifts if no request made.
    Add us
    4444mel lisie1508

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    I just started n ye ye ye I G & T n alla that but I?m really just tryna expand my shyt the cheapest n fastest way possible so pls add me so I can have more room in my bakery to move around in n make it to the door so I could go tip u!!!!! SO ADD ME YAY [ID:sunflwrh0e] TANK UOUJRJBSHSC

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    Mar 2019
    Add me. My id is ywei110. Play daily. Respond to requests

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    Apr 2019
    Add me: shxnelle

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    I?m looking for new neighbors who gift during goals and tip when you can. I tip when I have time and I stay at a 3 or 4 star bakery. It would be nice if you are at least a 2-4 star bakery. I also gift after goals...if you need specific parts, just let me know on my wall. My ID is Mermaidfox. I look forward to being neighbors xo

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    I'm xcrossgene. I've added a few people from the forum here

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    Add me: KiraLafera

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    ID Linz_says - So glad to be back after a 2 year break to bakery and restaurant story. I play all day and I answer requests quickly. Gift goal parts when one is active or basic parts when not. Don't care about tips, currently been tipping a lot due to visiting shops to try and find neighbors. I need 16 more neighbors to expand. Hope to see lots of new peeps! Thanks

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