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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    I gift parts only and accept requests, but I am not much of a tipper. Feel free to add me if you like. My id is paisleypink47. I try to play daily unless I'm really sick. I am also on Restaurant Story and Dragon Story. I only occassionally play Castle Story and Fashion Story but you can add me on those, too.

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    Add me, please ID: AnnDunwich

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    New Resident
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    May 2019
    Id: iodine131

    I play daily and tip often but am ambivalent about tipping. Looking for daily players who gift goal parts and accept item requests.

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    Mar 2017
    Reposting from 2018

    ID: LindaT518 (main game, I have alts but rarely have time to play them)

    Looking for neighbors who don't mind sometimes less active player. I have two terminally ill parents I'm taking care of, they come first. I'm *usually* active during goals though to be honest, I miss days in there, too. I rarely get a chance to tip back but I try, so if that matters to you...

    I don't care what level you are or your star rating, or what gift you send, prefer goal gifts during goal and I'll decline anything not needed without worrying about it so no problem. I accept all gift requests and like that in return. Anything else is a non-issue. If this works for you, please feel free to add me!

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    id is zeldalover22 add me please 😊

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    I am a player of level 23. I am looking for neighbors that make goals (send only of parts of goals or basic parts).
    The tips do not interest me.
    My ID kitkatbowl

    I also have another account at level 99.
    My ID bezczelnyguy

    In both accounts, respond requests for materiales.

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    Jun 2019
    Daily Player working on multiple ovens and 🍑 Goals.
    ID = Glitter60

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    Hi I play daily pls add me ID olayippond

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    Welcome friends!! Add me : charlottecheng

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    Jun 2019
    Add me : SundayX13

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