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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Nov 2018
    BSJWJ62 add me

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    please add Lextra0rdinary! i tip and gift daily! lost access to my old lvl 60 bakery and trying to get back!!

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    ID: LindaT518 (main game, I have alts but rarely have time to play them)

    Looking for neighbors who don't mind sometimes less active player. I have two terminally ill parents I'm taking care of, they come first. I'm *usually* active during goals though to be honest, I miss days in there, too. I rarely get a chance to tip back but I try, so if that matters to you...

    I don't care what level you are or your star rating, or what gift you send, prefer goal gifts during goal and I'll decline anything not needed without worrying about it so no problem. I accept all gift requests and like that in return. Anything else is a non-issue. If this works for you, please feel free to add me!

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    ID: Calotropis

    I tip/gift when I can and always accept gift requests.
    I also don't care what level you are on or what you send.
    I'm not a daily tipper and can't remember everyone's rules so if you want specific tipping or gifting requirements/no-food then I'm not the neighbor for you
    I keep some neighbors for a long time - some have even returned from a hiatus - but if I delete you, I will leave my ID on your wall should you decide to come back and need some instant neighbors

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    Just started playing again. Almost all my old neighbors left. Add me please. ID is melirish . Will be on daily. Level 99. Gift parts when goals.
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    Add me: mintchoco9 thanks.

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    add me, ID : eputrim

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    Please add ThePawlor

    - daily player
    - will gift as long as you gift back
    - will accept requests as long as you accept mine
    - will NOT tip, won't expect you to either

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    ID KLynne423

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    Add me: lc413

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