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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Sep 2017
    addme DEZMEL

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    Apr 2020
    Add me sugar327 no t/g, but I respond to goal requests within hours

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    VampireBlade1 for BS/RS for goal parts gifting and requests accepted. I?m on more often than I?d like to admit lol. Idc about tips
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    add me: wengkit327
    thanks and have a great day!

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    Bnc_129 and toeby129

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    ID is Ginny21. Just came back to the game so I am updating the spaces. I gift daily and accept all parts requests.

    Please, if you want me to send something specific to you, write it on my wall. Otherwise, I gift food to everyone.

    Btw, I DO NOT tip daily, but I DO gift and accept requests on a daily basis.

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    ID LexMull03
    I will accept requests right away, will gift and tip occasionally.

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    I accept all gift requests (still don?t understand why anyone wouldn?t &#129300

    I send goal parts and play all goals.

    I send basic parts outside goals.

    I prefer people who post on my wall and tell me what gift they would like.

    I do not want any food gifts.

    I tip a couple times per week (I work 80-100 hours a week for State of Wyoming so my time is limited)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FollyBeach2014 View Post
    I?m in need of neighbors that do goals, send basic parts when there is no goal, post what you need and never send food..
    Please only reply if you can do these things. TY

    My ID: FollyBeach2014
    Sending you and invite. I play just like that. Ishmaelthegreat

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetnlos View Post
    I play daily, complete every goal. I tip and gift daily. I am removing food gifters everyday, I want to add more players that play like me. I only add 3/4 star players. I am a 4 star player and tip daily off my wall posts. I used to tip all 86 of my nbrs (did it for a long time) and only about 17 would return the favor. So for that reason I now only tip off my wall posts. I have some silent tippers on my list and I try to check my news feed so I can return the favor but honestly I prefer wall posters, I prefer to not miss your visit so I can return the favor and tip you back. My ID is sweetnlos please no food gifters!
    Adding you now. Ishmaelthegreat

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