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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    play everyday. play goals answer material requests by sending same item as gift unless max. Need active players. Gift a lot if post on my wall what u need or goal parts.
    Add sjgrant1978
    Play both RS & BS

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    ✽ Only playing BS. Looking for active neighbors that POST on my wall when they tip, don't necessarily have to tip daily (I get busy sometimes and may not have time to clear my tables, my bakery is really tiny ✽ I prefer PARTS ONLY so please don't add me if you mass gift food only. Ty ID : TODAAY

    I am a 4 star player (I delete anyone lower than a 2 and those who silent tip)
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    Help please

    Need help play all day every day I send gift and tips please help me thank u storm 8 I'd moosummer

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    Add tjcrazy

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    I finally got my old account back so i am playing again. Add me and i gift everyday.

    ID: momcommander

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    Hello there!

    I'm looking for active Players who accept requests and send gifts (especially Food or Goal parts favored). No tipping needed!

    I'm a lvl 99 Player and happy about your invitations

    My ID: Pinki998

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    i am very active during goals. i need neighbours who will kindly send relevant parts and accept requests in a timely fashion during GOALS. i tip back most days based on my news feed & wall posts. i do try my best to clear my tables unless busy with real life. thanks!

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    Hi add me on BS and RS . I gift parts only. No food gifts. Need new neighbours to complete goals together.

    ID: carmenjp428

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    Hii add me asmirhasani

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    Jennrocks1087 restaurant and bakery

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