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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

    Looking for active neighbours to help you with goals, accept your requests and gift parts?

    Please post your ID here. One post per ID. Thank you.

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    Feel free to add me if you need help. My ID is Rynetory2

    I always accept requests, gift only parts and no tipping required. But please dont add me if you are a food gifting player, sorry.

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    Add fourspoons or twoforks for goal part exchange. Requests always answered, but gifting is only daily when goals are active, otherwise it's occasional. Non-tipping

    Edited to add: if you send me non-goal parts during goals,
    (at least the first few days of them) I'll drop you. Goals require too many parts now to deal with random unnecessary parts, thanks!
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    Add mkj99 for goal parts and any part when no active goal. I usually return what I receive

    No food accepted, I immediately remove food gifters
    I post what part I need on my wall so looking for neighbors who read walls as I read theirs
    I remove players who never tip and/or gift but know how to ask
    I also remove players who send random or unwanted parts during goals

    I will not accept friend requests posted on my wall as my ID is on my wall, just add me

    Location is Europe so consider time difference. We get goals around 8pm, giving a small window to return requests from US players.

    If you play like me, just add me for Restaurant Story and Bakery Story
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    Please add my 2nd account: jjs33072

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    Please add me: zevgren

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    No food ever , pls do not add if you gift food. Parts only, all requests answered. Rare visits. kat8rose

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    Feel free to add me, I am always looking for new neighbors. ID: Shadowcrystal89
    I also play Bakery Story. I do not gift food.

    * If you have time, can you please leave your gift preference on my wall or your wall?

    Ex: Goal/Basic Parts
    Basic Parts
    Any Parts
    No pref.

    Thank you, Lily
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    need active neighbors who accept requests daily and send parts only daily especially when there are goals. will eventually delete those who keep sending food and inactive neighbors. thanks

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