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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Sep 2012
    My 🆔 is Lambysheep

    Goal parts ONLY. If you send me anything non goal related you will be deleted! I will not stand for selfish neighbors who gift non goal parts and then ask me for a goal part. I just had to delete some neighbors who were doing that. Please help me and I will help you!🤝

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    ID KLynne423
    I Play and gift daily.

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    Apr 2013
    ID valerieann815
    Level 99 player here, just cleaned up my neighbors. I do the goals, and from now on will only accept goal related parts. I too am tired of selfish people that send junk like unwanted parts or food, then send me a request for goal parts! Ridiculous! I don't care if you tip or not, I tip a few times a week, life gets busy. Add me if you think we are a good fit.

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    Starting a new restaurant. Was a level 99 on my other one. Just wanted a fresh start. Will Tip and gift especially during goals.

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    I’m a silent tipper and play daily. I gift to you whatever you gift to me. Pls add me. ��ChelleToo

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    ID: pipipooh1977

    Add me if you do goals, gift the needed goal parts and accept part requests. No tips necessary. I usually don’t have time to tip. High level players only. NO FOOD GIFTS!

    If you don’t do goals don’t invite me. I won’t accept your nbr invite!!! I will delete nbrs who don’t gift goal parts. And I delete nbrs who send food gifts.
    Last edited by pipipooh1977; 02-08-19 at 09:49 AM.
    Add me if you are a high level player who gifts parts only and gifts goal parts and accepts requests during goals! Must do goals so you know what parts are needed! I rarely tip. No tips required. Food gifters get deleted.

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    Please add me : faqisma

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    Add me : Ikaa01
    I play and also gift daily

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    ID: PsychesSoGoods

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    please add Dclarkston2011 I try to play daily, I gift what you request and try to tip daily I'm just getting into the game

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