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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Please add me MeruBunny, I gift daily but only tip those who tip back, I only send goal parts never food, if you are looking for a specific part please leave a post ^^
    I gift random parts on none event days,
    Useually parts I need to restock .

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    Sep 2012
    My 🆔 is Lambysheep
    My mom?s 🆔 is addginny

    We need neighbors who are actually going to participate in the goals and help. We are level 99 and gift parts only! Tipping is not required.

    Please do NOT add us if you do not participate in the goals and have no interest in sending goal parts.

    Please do NOT add us if after you get all the goal ovens you need, you start sending non goal parts. Just had to delete several people who did this. It?s inconsiderant and will get you deleted instantly.

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    I need some friendly and helpfully neighbours👌💪 ID: Michele_nrc

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    Mar 2018
    Id lis2018

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    Jan 2018
    My ID: sunnimiin

    I?m a 4-star daily player. Looking for active neighbors who gift PARTS ONLY.

    I gift what you request on Material Requests but if there?s no request, I?ll gift basic/goal parts. Also, tips for everyone with 2-4 star.

    I?m on both RS & BS. You can add me there too if you?d like. 😊

    (Please leave a message to let me know that you add me from this thread, thanks)

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    Nov 2015
    Please add

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    I am at level 99 in both Bakery Story and Restaurant Story.

    My ID in both games is Vera545

    Playing for about 6 years now!

    I am looking for neighbours, who just like me respond to material requests for goalparts, and gift goal parts as soon as a quest is on its way.
    During goals I gift goalparts, and accept all requests pretty fast.

    Random parts are welcome when no goals are active.

    I do not care about tipping, and don't have time to come round every day.
    So if you are just like me active playing in BS and RS to finish the goals, and need goal-, or other parts, then don't hesitate to add me.

    ID Vera545

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    Restaurant Story - bombthemiffy
    Add me! 

    Bakery Story - bombthemiffy
    Add me! 
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    Please add me. I have 3 accounts on Restaurant and Bakery. Other IDs in separate posts. Parts only player. I will delete inactives and food gifters. Tips not required, but I do tip 4 stars and those who post on my wall. Thanks!


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    I have enough neighbors on this account too. Thanks!
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