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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    I need neighbors who:

    Gift goal parts all throughout goals.
    Hold gifts the first day of goals, and gift goal parts when goal starts.
    Answer all requests.
    Gift every day (you are allowed days off, but I have neighbors who never gift, and I don?t understand why, when I always gift them)

    If this is you, you are welcome to add AliceWinter24 and askbirkbalder. I play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story.

    PS: Maybe I should add that I don?t always tip, and when I do, I do it in silence. I don?t care about your star rating, as long as you gift what I need and answer requests. That?s my idea of a great neighbor

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    Please add me to send and recieve gifts (materials/parts) and/or tips! 😊❤👍

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    Please add me if you gift goal parts and level 50 or over. I tip and gift back

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