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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Nov 2013
    Due to time restraints I don't visit often, but I do check in several times a day to send request and I gift back what I receive

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    Rhino Keeper njbhugjjgnj's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Down South
    Feel free to add me. Njbhugjjgnj and bundamuffin. I check in daily. I'm not a big tipper and OK with non tippers too.

    Since njbhugjjgnj is a bit much to remember,you can leave your ID on my wall.....there's a link on bundamuffin
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    Main acct ID: bundamuffin

    Our voices,views and opinions do not matter here,only our wallets. Not accepting new nbrs in BS/ of now,VERY limited play in these game's due to S8 removing content in older android Amazon version's.

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    Dec 2016
    Hello. I play every day. I send gifts for goals or just useful parts if there isn't a goal. I leave tips a few times a week. I'm only looking for daily players.

    ID: emskweez

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    May 2017
    Hi... I play daily. Gift goal or basic parts only. ID lalypickles

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    ID: Brittanyc211
    Add me, I play daily and gift always as well as tip :3

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    kaylaaruthh is my ID. I gift and tip. I will always help you out & write on your wall ❤☕️🍰

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Looking for active neighbours to help you with goals, accept your requests and gift parts?

    Please post your ID here. One post per ID. Thank you.
    🆔 Sjgrant1978 play FS BS also

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    Add me my ID is DylanGaz

    I play restaurant story and bakery story everyday. I am quick to respond to neighbor requests and I tip back.

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    Add me; I'm in desperate need of more part-gifting neighbors! ID: ravenclaw27

    No need to tip!

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    Add me please ❤️❤️ ----> Rosmund1000

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