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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Please Add me for Daily Gifts

    Add : stevenuk

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    Add me: pandafanwy

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    Sep 2012

    Need considerate neighbors

    Please add me if:
    You play all goals and gift GOAL PARTS ONLY. Tipping not necessary. I gift goal parts only and respond to requests daily.

    Please DO NOT add me if:
    You gift anything other than current goal parts.
    If after you get enough goal stoves, you start sending worthless non goal parts, DO NOT ADD ME.

    I am tired of self-centered neighbors that are only concerned with they need. If you are like that, DO NOT ADD ME.

    🆔 is: Lambysheep

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    Add me: castlemeow

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    Hello everyone,
    I tip daily and read walls to ensure the proper item is gifted to my nbrs. *I Do Not Mass Gft*

    I post the gift I need on my wall (never food gifts) I am a parts player only. If you can?t help with the items I need pls don?t add.

    I.d is: LadySlim29

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    Level 99 member been playing since the beginning. I need neighbors that do the goals and will help with goal part requests and gifting. Tipping is not important to me so if you tip and don’t get them back all the time I’m sorry. I will answer all requests and gift daily. Thank you for adding me if you do! Happy cooking! My ID is chefpeggysue

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    Oct 2016
    I play daily most of the time. I gift, fulfill requests and am a silent tipper. I prefer non food gifts. Please add betsobox!

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    Sep 2018
    Please add me:
    Restaurant & Bakery Story. Thanks!

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    Jan 2012
    Hi daily player who gifts goal parts.

    ID: dd9321

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    Add me, daily player who will gift parts. kyandisan88

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