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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Please add me.
    ID : khooly59

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    Jan 2018
    StL USA
    hi ^_^ i need a few more neighbors, active players: tippers (at least every other day), gifts, and goals.
    My id is shymama8
    See y'all there <3

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    Hi! I would love 😍 more neighbors who play every day, accept requests and gift daily goal parts. Please add me: SweetTreatsBakery
    I play RS and BS everyday. I accept all requests and gift daily goal parts. Thanks! 😊

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    ID is marrero13
    I just deleted a lot of non active players. I know people are busy so I won't delete people for not gifting or tipping everyday. I only delete the nonactive ones. If you are always requesting parts but never returning any I will delete. To many active players were getting overlooked, not fair. Feel free to add me

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    Looking for active nbrs i don't care about tips but will tip back. I gift daily and answer requests, i don't play every goal but will still gift goal parts. I will not accept low levels and people who only send requests and never gift back will be deleted. Food is not accepted i have almost 2 million just for one dish. I prefer basic parts when there's not a goal or parts used to replenish after the goal is completed. If you don't gift for a few days or have an issue that is fine but i've had nbrs who would only play once a week or so and that's not what i'm looking for. If you know what basic parts are, gift back and answer requests then add me please do not leave you id on my wall it's reserved for my messages and oh you must read your wall lol. If food is sent i leave a message after 3 times of ignoring it i'll remove.

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    Add ChunkMonks.
    I Tip and gift as often as possible and answer requests.

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    Please add me: lindseybmcd7
    I play daily and gift/tip

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    I am a daily player who tips back and responds to requests. My id is DylanGaz

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    Need neighbours who response to requests

    Id: Foxygene

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