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Thread: Summer Items... (What are some of your favorites?)

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    Summer Items... (What are some of your favorites?)

    What are some of your favorite SUMMER items?

    Give the full name of the items. Picture, are cool, too.
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    I wish those items will be for sale
    the volleyball display
    Earthday display
    Garden fashion
    Afternoon stroll
    Line dancing
    Fun on the fourth
    Hit the beach van

    I wish it doesn't fall on deaf ears
    I have so many gems and nothing to spend on
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    I agree, thank you for trying! But really.....what's the point? Seems like we're getting forgotten. Are they trying to kill the game? If so, they're doing a good job! This game is only fun for new players now. Very disappointed .

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    I've been playing for 4 years, love this game and the friends I've made! Am taking care of my grandma with Alzheimer's at the moment so unable to play. I am still ordering clothes to get gems, I would love to see this game take off again. I know in business things have to fall into place and it takes time. Please figure it out.

    PS! I really want the volleyball display, thanks and GOD BLESS!

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    I agree. I loved this game and the money I have spent proves it. It never dawned on me that the game would end.

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    I love all the beach summer items like the Catch the wave and the Beach couch

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    I would like to see "Aquarium Pillar" and/or any Limited Time Beach items, please

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