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    DS Feedback

    I see so many neat things on other caretakers' islands, and wonder what they are. On Castle story, if I click on something that I want to know what it is, the name of the item pops up in lower right corner (except if it is a moving character). This woulx be an awesome addition to DS.

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    There doesn't seem to be a specific thread just to provide DS feedback that has been started by a moderator, so I will just use this one as it has the right thread title.

    I have been playing and supporting this game since pretty much the beginning (i.e. somewhere around 4Q12). In the last 2 years, I have seen this game (which I play to relax) become progressively more time-consuming to play and create more player / customer dissatisfaction for a variety of reasons. One of my biggest bug bears in this game is the numerous gold traps present (whether designed intentionally or not, like for example, putting the "Finish" planting gold purchase boost in the same position as the "Plant" crops button; and not providing a confirmation option to go ahead; and putting the "ASK FRIENDS" and "BUY" gold speed boost buttons on the "EXPANSION" screen so immediately close together that on a small smartphone screen, a difference of 1 to 2 mm would cause an unintentional purchase of gold to speed expand). This is the reason why myself and so many of my neighbors do not buy gold in large amounts as they always get consumed unintentionally via gold traps. I have even inadvertently lost gold on 3 occasions when my tablet accidentally fell on my chest whilst playing causing unintentional purchase of food or coins. I have lost thousands of gold through gold traps. It would be appreciated if these gold traps were addressed in some way, like the addition of confirmation screens.

    Running concurrent and non-stop events that have also been getting progressively tougher, for example the previous leaderboard, the current world event, and the current 36 round battle arena tournament with all time high targets that require full-time non-stop playing and gold expenditure to get to the end. Even for those of us that do not have full-time jobs, this is not much fun. With so many concurrent events and new events starting right after each other, DS / TeamLava is simply driving their loyal customers / players to overdose on the game along with feelings of anxiety and anger. I urge DS to think about this.

    Games are meant to be fun and not take up so much time (to allow reasonable time for work and spending time with family, etc.). It has reached a point for me now that whenever a new event is started, I get an anxious / feeling sick reaction especially when I see the progressively in increasing goal amounts / toughness coded for World Events, Leaderboards, Dragon Tales, and Battle Arena. The current Battle Arena tournament is a good example where I have had 5 losses out of 14 attempts fighting low level dragons to reach round 10. This is unprecedented and I can only imagine the number of endless losses I will likely endure from round 20 onwards. This is compounded with the side goals requiring the hatching and feeding of dragons to level 15! This is not much fun, and I have given the World event a miss and will be not be taking part in any future Leaderboard events (especially when I got grouped with super competitive players that have larger arsenals than mine in the previous 2 LB events). We all need breaks between such tough events, and don't enjoy overlapping events (e.g. starting a Battle Arena tournament whilst a Dragon Tales event is in progress, not to mention the never ending Bingo LBs).

    I urge the owners and DS game managers to hear their customer base and evaluate their ethics. This is really a destructive way to drive revenue!

    I look forward to an improvement in the game direction, so that I may start to enjoy it again.

    Kind regards for listening to my feedback.
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