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Thread: Colors/items not Matching up

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    Colors/items not Matching up

    I just finished level 390 and moved onto 391. I've found very quickly that not all pieces are moving and matching as they should. I've ended up with 15 touching purple cakes. Every now and then it flashes up as something else.

    I have a feeling the cake blocks you have to make moves next to to free are dropping down as new pieces but I can't see them.

    The game is pretty much impossible as it is.

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    Cupcake mania level 1168

    Anybody know how level 1168 works??? Not disappearing when matched?

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    Level 488 is the same way.

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    Level 522 too

    Quote Originally Posted by dukebax View Post
    Level 488 is the same way.
    I have the same problem with level 522. and it went on to level 523 I can even match and move the ovens!

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    Hello? Kooky?
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    Level 364 and now level 365 - something totally off, matches not working

    It started on 364 which by some miracle I was able to finish after many tries, even though it was buggy. Colors are not matching, 3, 4, and more colors stay on the board instead of matching, rainbow does not work, arrow destroyer not working, and it wants me to match with the multiplier instead, rainbow is covered by a cupcake, it matches 3 cupcakes instead of colors and not dropping cupcakes, something is very wrong and it goes against all the usual game matches all around the game. Please fix, it is impossible to continue

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    I'm on level 885, and this just started happening today when I got to the level. It seems impossible to win the level.....😡

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    Hello, same for me at level 798. can any body helps? or fix the bug?
    thank you

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