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Thread: Emerald City Leaderboard May 19 2017

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    Does anyone have the hatch time for Silly Goose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreytMom View Post
    Blind Auction is a great description.
    Someone in my group, who must have been below 10th place because I didn't even recognize the name, boosted the last two hours and stole 2nd place from some people who had been working very hard the entire game. They moved up by at least 7000 points in that short of time. They certainly planned well with that one, impressive. I trued to visit their forest but they're at level 200 so my game crashes.
    I took 6th place with about 8500 points. First place had over 25000. I'm happy I at least got some runes & food.

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Same happened in my group. I was able hold my #1 position for the last few days and in the last few hours someone used a boost and took over the #1 position with over 8000 points. I had around 6900 points...

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