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    The drop rates for the shadow lynx are decreasing while the amount needed to upgrade increases. This quest is the most disappointing one ever. What is the logic in having quests that anger the players? Harvested today Thomas, Ivy and 2 level 6 mines and got zero lynx. Really takes the fun out of this game. Considering on just using the pelts to craft a lynx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catlover1959 View Post
    I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but I got a Shadow Lynx trap from the "Search the Ancient Vault" quest. Pleasant surprise!
    I got 8 hours left hunting for roaming bandits so I will try tomorrow. I wonder if the quest would work with the Haunted Keep or the Barracks. If nothing is posted to the contrary I'll give those a try tomorrow night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktorewqas View Post
    Sir daisy drops petals when did that happen? I have a neighbor told me so I tried it out and got red petals
    I went to go check mine & got a purple Petals are new for me.
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