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Thread: Castle Story: 5/18 Community event | Judgment Gray | Noble Stable

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    Just done my mines again with renewed hope, but nothing again. I'd been really hopeful that there was a coding issue, guess it's the planned drop rate 🙁

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarnetJ View Post
    Wow! That's a great spawn rate. I highly doubt there would be so many pages of lynx related posts if that was the standard rate. I think we would all be quite content with even 4 lynx's per day. I've only been able to get 2 total since the event began - and that was even with speeding up Thomas a couple times.
    Yeah, I did speed up Thomas a few times but it's not very cost effective. It seems to take at least 4 collections to get a lynx to spawn which is almost the cost of a trap. I haven't bought any traps.

    Don't get me wrong. I totally agree that the spawn rate is way too low. I just don't care. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kattkrazie View Post
    I couldn't tell you how. I just play the game and don't get upset. I spawned 6 lynxes yesterday from Ivy and Thomas. I might have gotten 1 from a mine, but I'm not sure.

    The first individual prize is a lynx trap which causes the 'buy a trap' goal to autocomplete for those of you doing the side goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    We've double checked the drops and don't see any issues that would prevent them from dropping. If you don't already, place multiple Mines in your Kingdom and collect from them. They should be dropping, but we'll continue to keep an eye on them.
    My first reaction was: did I miss something about the mines and can we now have more than 2? ... and I'd better hurry to get the 'multiples' LOL of them, but then I read the rest of the comments and got ASTONISHED! at realizing that Storm8 staff does not know/play the game! Wow! THERE IS A HUGE ISSUE! And players keep posting about it over and over just to get a response like the one above? This is very very disappointing to say the least!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Den8137259 View Post
    ★ maybe we could make 3 separate threads for this n every subsequent event:

    1) for ranting,
    2) for the optimists
    3) just infofacts n quick reference ★
    Sounds good. With so many good reasons to rant, hard to get through all the posts for info. 😜 😁

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    I think instead of turning up the cats they turned them off!! Just hit both sparkling mines, OT AND Ivy and got zero cats!��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaillock View Post
    Sounds good. With so many good reasons to rant, hard to get through all the posts for info. �� ��
    I've been trying to post "rants" in the bug thread - but I don't think that is where most people hang out. And I didn't see a thread in the suggestion area of the forum. I think it would need to be separate threads in the discussion area so that people can see them and then respond in the appropriate place. Because it would be a shame if we no longer had a good place to get the tips and strategies for future goals.

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    Just done some calculations. Based on my current drop rate after 20 days, of which I've received 6 felts, I could get to Level 6. Lol.

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    I have crafted a Shadow Lynx and now it is no longer available to craft another one. Is this a glitch in my game as I see threads saying more can be crafted?

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    no got a single lynx seems like at impossible event.

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