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Thread: Castle Story: 5/18 Community event | Judgment Gray | Noble Stable

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggerBubbles View Post
    SW, while I voted that I did not enjoy this event mainly because of the lynx spawn rate and the fact that I would wake up during the night to hope for a lynx, and not always because I had set a timer, just must have always been on my mind. I achieved the stable yesterday and the horse a few minutes ago so event was pretty tight. However this was more because I was unable to get on as much as usual at the start.

    I would like to say that I do think this event was better in all respects but the spawn rate. It used buildings we would all have. It didn't favour those of us with Alicorns as there wasn't a lot of chopping etc. So I think it was a much fairer event, except that the spawn rate was appalling.
    Hi BiggerBubbles,

    i love your name. i do agree with your alicorn point. i've got a friend whose been posting here about her progress & she has really really worked hard this event. (i know loads of us have). She's level 39 & the flowers were an issue on top of the spawns of the lynx. She's got a level 10 pasture & when i saw it i seriously punched the air. i was 10 times more pleased then me getting it. We talk & i know how much it meant to her getting to the end of an event, the tea party & rock bashing she just couldn't do. Thou she like i think most of us found this event draining & not a lot of fun.

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    I class myself as a dedicated player of this game (and other Storm games) and to walk away with nothing after a long event like this is very unenjoyable. The last 2 days of the event, i spawned nothing from the mines or OT. I got a lynx each time from Ivy's but the pelt return was very low. I gave up on the upgrade and tried for more Lynx to get the horse, but I am at 2211 horse shoes with 14 hours left and level 8 Pasture which means I have to use at least 1 gem speed up to get to 2400 if I collect every 2 hours and one last time from 5 crafted Lynx. I will now skip all future random collection events as this game had truly lost its enjoyment factor.

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    Thanks Spiritwind for creating the poll!
    Well...I didn't make it...
    I only leveled up the stable to Level 9 with 2 days left on the event, so there was little chance of me completing the stable. I also did not get Judgement Grey before the deadline. I only ended up crafting one Lynx, not wanting to delay my stable upgrades during the process.
    My Lynx spawn rate was absolutely terrible! I believe OT spawned fewer than 10 lynx for the past 20 days. Ivy was better but numerous times that I didn't get a spawn. The Sparkling mines were my best albeit minimal spawn sites. It's too bad, as I really just wanted the prize for complete upgrade of the stable...not Judgement Grey.
    I am a level 50, plays regularly, and I have spent cash for gems in the past. I understand that Storm 8 is a business, and they have staffs to's a lot of work getting new updates out frequently. However, they refuse to fix the gem trap issue; and after five years, we still can not properly go through our inventories....that's filled with useless past items...the uncompleted Stable and my out-of-scale Lynx is about to join the bin...
    SO, I refused to pay for gems any more, and I use the ones I do get for free immediately, so I don't end up blowing it on speeding up a chicken! Anyways, I don't feel as bad as I thought I would not completing this event, surprisingly! These past few insane events has convinced me that I don't need to have every prize from every events. Frustrating as it was to miss out, I think I am slowly being weaned off this game, by default.
    Congratulations to every King (Queen)doms for completing this event on time!

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    I'll be walking away from this event with no crafted lynx (I was saving my pelts), no Judgement Gray, and a level 9 pasture. I considered spending more gems to finish even one of the three but the cost is too high and not, in my opinion, worth the value of what I'd be getting. This is the first event I'm walking away from with only decorations that will sit in storage...nothing that produces anything. What a colossal waste of time.

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    what a total waste of time and energy. I got nothing from this game aside from frustration at the pathetic spawn rate. I was hip deep in dire boars throughout the event, so general spawning of monsters was not an issue. Why on earth did they limit the spawning to just those buildings when we can have only one each of thomas house and ivy hut, and a max of four of the mines? I was not bothered, I would have liked the stable but not interested in yet another horse or a giant lynx, but I am seriously considering not bothering with this game any more as it sadly seems to have lost its way. I do not expect things for free, and used to be happy to spend real money on enhancing the game, but not any more.... such a shame....

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    I do agree that I am being weaned off my addiction to this game. I no longer care if I succeed or not because when I do succeed like the dark knight steed, I am even more frustrated for having a useless reminder of a past event. The dark knight steed drops dragon scales. I have 4 useless dragons so what was the point of achieving the steed? I did not get judgement gray, I am only a level 8 on the pasture but who cares, the pasture is going to go to inventory in a few minutes. I am a level 50. I have been playing since 2013. I played this game very regularly through out the event, I should have easily reached the goal but the appearance of the lynx was rediculous

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    I can't believe that I did it . Finally upgraded the pasture to level 10. It was a slow process with a couple of good days and lots of bad days. Only spend 2 gems to speed up the Ivy one time but babysit the game almost 24/7. My start was so bad that I didn't even stressed about getting anything but eventually got the lynx a few days ago, judgment grey yesterday and pasture right now. I am a happy camper because I wasn't sure about it

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    i'm far from naive & often cynical but so many people seem so sure S8's ONLY goal is to get gems at every available point. They have to make a game thats challenging for lots of different levels with different resources & it's nigh on impossible to please everyone.

    i did not enjoy this quest i truly truly didn't. i don't know many who did.

    This event though has meant level 39-49 players had a chance at a level 10 building & i have lot of neighbours in that range with 9 & 10. They have level 5 or 6 tea party's. We complained about rock bashing & this event was S8 trying to address it. They've finished so many quests early & without getting the goal, S8 have to a bit cater to them. Esp as so many level 50's say they are giving up.

    Did they get the spawns wrong yeah probably.

    Wud storyline be better YES DEFINETLY even beast hunts, are we sure next thing will be a beast hunt? bcos my keep & barracks both dropped skunkupine traps today that wud be useful for a beast hunt so i'm doubtful lol

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    My lynx spawn rate was terrible for the first week or more. And when I would manage to get a lynx, the pelt drop was ridiculously low. I lost the event the first week.

    I decided to only collect enough lassos and wildflowers to keep up with the pelts. I only collected from the higher return horses and the hedge and fairy flowerbed. Since I was not wasting all of my energy chopping like previous events, I was able to max out on several of my stockpile items. I didn't spend gold, and I didn't collect enough for Judgement Gray or the stable. I tried. Really hard, actually. But I am maxed on golden apples, so the reward would not have been beneficial.

    I am very much looking forward to the Monster Hunt! I only need three more gold troll tokens to build the Mythic Research Center! Exciting times!!! Getting my energy sorted out for that event. Wish it was 21 days long! Lol!

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    I play 2 or 3 times per day. I'm not even close to getting to L10. I bought a couple of packs to give me horseshoes and traps, and even then I'm more than 1,000 horseshoes short of a horse! I'm level 48 on this game, mostly because of picking all those flowers! Ah well, more fool me for spending cash and still not having the time to get to the end. Definitely not a fan of this event, or indeed of most of the others we've had recently. I agree with appppppppplecrumble, even beast hunts are more fun! And new story line would be even better. Note to self: no more cash outlay on this game!!! :-(

    Congratulations to all who made it to L10 and the horse though!! :-)

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