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Thread: Madder Tea Party Cruise - May 16, 2017 (POLL ADDED)

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    Madder Tea Party Cruise - May 16, 2017 (POLL ADDED)

    Madder Tea Party Cruise This is a 10 days cruise. Auto starts on May 18.

    You are right on time to set sail on this wonderful cruise. Watch out for the Red Queen!

    Cruise Guide
    Refer to Cruise Main Guide for more information.

    Cruise Day
    This cruise uses Set A in

    Once you have completed all 10 days, the Red Queen will visit your restaurant every 4.75 to 5.25 hours and drop you the ingredient to make the Raging Red Rooibos (gem recipe).

    Gem Recipe
    Raging Red Rooibos = 6 teabags + 3 cream + 2 sugar

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    What are the coin values for these stamp recipes?

    Please help to post the coins you see in your orders for them.

    Gold Stamp Recipes - 8 hours cooking time
    Billionare's Burger (Commercial Range) - 4 coins
    Festive Fruit Brioche (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Pain au Chocolate (Chateau Oven) - 4 coins
    Persimmon Glazed Ham (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Rosemary Russet Potatoes (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Rustic Whole Wheat Loaf (Commercial Oven)
    Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Spicy Moroccan Hammus (Commercial Range) - 4 coins

    Silver Stamp Recipes - 4 hours cooking time
    Blackened Jack Fish (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Chiffon Sprinkle Cake (Diner Oven) - 4 coins
    Fantasy Float (Chateau Stove) - 4 coins
    Grilled Gold (Commercial Range) - 4 coins
    Lavender Rose Cider (Aging Barrel) - 4 coins

    Bronze Stamp Recipes - 2 hours cooking time
    Cherry Herb Sausage (Diner Oven) - 3 coins
    Currant Crusted Chicken (Commercial Oven) - 3 coins
    Dark Chocolate Mocha (Commercial Range)
    Lucky Pie (Commercial Range) - 3 coins
    Poached Duck Egg (Chateau Stove) - 3 coins
    Smoked Papaya Salad (Salad Bar) - 3 coins
    Toasted Sugar Latte (Drink Maker) - 3 coins
    Wild Tuna Roll (Salad Bar) - 3 coins

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    I just got asked for lucky pie. Looks like more recipes may be included this time round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephthys82 View Post
    I just got asked for lucky pie. Looks like more recipes may be included this time round.
    Me too and I was thinking the same.

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    Yay! Thanks a lot for this information. I am preparing today. I hope to start later today or tomorrow.

    Love the new recipe. This is one of my favorite teas in real life.

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    Looks like more reheated prizes.
    Stopped playing DS because of LB.

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    I didn't do this cruise last time so I am trying this time...all new prizes for me.

    I just got asked for Grilled Gold and it's a four star recipe. Guess because of the fancy sugar. I like this!
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    Apologies to all neighbors and hope to see you again soon!

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    At least the recipe/npc is new.

    Thanks for this! I also like how stamp recipes are added too. But why are the portions so drastically reduced?

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    I need to bake 2 Festive Fruit Brioche for the tea party cruise. I expect gold stamps to arrive by cooking and clicking on people. I got random gold stamps like this during the Vegas and earlier cruises. Even through there were no stamp cruise prizes.
    I used my one butter. I have no gold stamps at the moment.
    It is exciting to me that RS2 has this personal challenge. . .waiting for a gold stamp drop.

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    Good afternoon.. I just started cruise today and was wondering where do the recipes involving European butter (god knows where I will get them as have none and 60 gems for one is ridiculous) come from? Does it start lTer on in cruise and from where? I have no links or clue where they come from? Thanks..

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