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Thread: After level 99.

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    After level 99.

    I love this game, and have been playing it for 5 years, but does it have anything else to offer after level 99? It's getting redundant. More than 3/4 of my neighbours have already left, and the rest, including myself, have started to bake pumpkin pies. The goals (new ovens, counters, tables, etc.) are okay, but that's half of what makes the game fun. The other half is working towards something, which stopped almost entirely the year after I reached level 99 over 4 years ago. I appreciate what the game developers have done for so many years, but they're not making a strong effort to keep their veteran players playing. For example, a couple of things still haven't been added which has been requested by players years ago like being able to move food to different counters and putting a confirmation button on gem crates. This game isn't going anywhere anymore. You can tell me and others like me to leave, but I'll ask you first: why not make improvements to the game?

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    I completely agree. I am nowhere to be in level 99 anytime soon but I think you are right. Also ignoring the same suggestions players had made for years is a terrible move. One thing I have seen suggested a couple of times is to allow 99 lvl players to have access to all the past goal they couldn't finish or couldn't do altogether. That would be enough motivation for me to reach lvl 99.

    Also, as I suggested in another thread, making only one goal a month so we can work on old goals ( taken we reached lvl 99 or have time to do whatever we want would be nice.

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