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Thread: Monster Hunt Season 7?

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    Something new - A stronger sword that hits 2-3 instead of 1-2. Would be really useful even after the event for creatures like the flyer, nagas or bears that are 10 and don't drop energy
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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    Hey Kings and Queens!

    We've received reports of an increase in Monsters in surrounding areas of Glimmerwood. It's possible they're plotting their next attack...

    We need to be fully prepared! Please send us any feedback you have on the previous Monster Hunts we've had!
    • What did you enjoy the most about the event?
    • What did you least enjoy about the event?
    • What do you want to see be done differently?
    • Anything new you want to see in the next one?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    I like the ability to craft new animals, I would also like to see more animals for crafting. Not necessarily different versions of the same animals (although another Alicorn wouldn't go amiss), but maybe something different i.e. Phoenix, Centaur, Hippogriff etc. I loved the daily challenges to also earn extra energy boxes and obviously the troll tokens. Maybe some decorations to craft?

    Least enjoyed only getting around 15 gold tokens each event. With some craft or purchase prizes you need a few hunts (sometimes a years worth of events) to accumulate enough tokens for one item. Hence keeping the events fairly regular is a must, or drop the requirements in number.

    3. Please don't change the goalposts half way through events or even after. Some people work in different ways and will consequently have advantages over others if things are changed.

    Thanks for asking.

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    PLEASE get rid of the dire boars! Hate those guys but love the hunts and please continue the locket storyline and add some expansions would love to see what's going on in the lower area that we can't get to oh more ways to get gold tokens would be nice since there are so many things to use them for now. Thx

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    What did you enjoy the most about the event?
    Fun and fast paced. Probably my favorite.

    What did you least enjoy about the event?
    Too short.

    What do you want to see be done differently?
    Original purple Alicorn dropped 40 energy. Then you changed to only able being able to have one purple alicorn, gold needed to craft dropped and you took the energy drops down to 4-8. If we can only have one, and new players dont have the love hut, it would be nice to have the extra energy.
    Last, the energy crates were really nice as a reward. You stopped that last hunt.

    Anything new you want to see in the next one?
    Different monsters. Longer timeline. Provide a timeline. Chances to earn more gold tokens.

    Thank you for asking for our input.

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    Please don't discontinue prizes before android players are able to catch up!

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    Whoo hoo! A monster Hunt!
    Great suggestions. My wish for the upcoming hunt is for my gorgeous peacock to actually supply me some lightning ( er energy)
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    Id be happy with just a monster hunt. Thanks!

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    I like that there is not as much pressure as with the usual timed events.

    I would like to have the option to trade just the sword tokens for the staff or even the other ones. Because for some reason I always have too many of those and I dislike having to let them go to waste.

    I liked the energy crates as prizes a lot. And there used to be gem rewards too, right? And those disappeared...

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    I enjoyed monster hunt a lot.

    But it's very seldom event. So I would like to have this event more often or I'll never collect enough tolkens for a kitchen.

    May be to have more days for a monster hunt. It was 10-12 days, wasn't it?

    About the reward for the day (reaching fighting goals) I think it's better to change rewards so 1 season it's energy crates and another is tokens.

    And of course can it be that more monsters appear when the season starts

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    Like: Something every day and not too terrible if you miss a day or cannot play so much in a day
    Dislike: Low drops, wrong monsters showing up (disable the bulls for the event...)
    New: New weapon might be interesting, like the idea of hippogriffs and centaurs
    And: May be something to use what we have but have never used, like the purple fur from purple cow or the green emeralds and other stones...make something extra for the long term players and something easy with a useful prize for the newer ones (glimmerdust, royal cow, big mushroom)

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