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Thread: Monster Hunt Season 7?

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    Question Monster Hunt Season 7?

    Hey Kings and Queens!

    We've received reports of an increase in Monsters in surrounding areas of Glimmerwood. It's possible they're plotting their next attack...

    We need to be fully prepared! Please send us any feedback you have on the previous Monster Hunts we've had!
    • What did you enjoy the most about the event?
    • What did you least enjoy about the event?
    • What do you want to see be done differently?
    • Anything new you want to see in the next one?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jan 2014
    1) They're wild and so much fun, it's constant action!

    2) It ended too soon

    3) Restore energy crates as prizes for completing daily tastks of 5 Fangbeasts etc.

    4) New animals in the MRC and a continuation on the locket story arch and raise the limit on the Glimmer ali to 4 like the armored ali.
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    Enjoyed most: The surprise 'extras' from the trades...towers, walls, etc.
    Enjoyed least: The fact that spawn rates seemed to be extremely low. And the season was too short.
    Done differently: * Maybe add new/different surprise drops from the trades * Return the energy crate rewards for the daily goals
    Something new: * New/special monsters to fight * New items in the trade wagon and in the MRC
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    1) I enjoy to hunt and be able to do other tasks. now I will say to build up inventory for elves
    2) too short and less
    3) different thing: please add more type of monsters like naga, bear, pirates etc so we can hunt more, more and more lol
    4) new: please make maximum number of tokens to be like 999
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    Rhino Keeper dipwid's Avatar
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    I liked the statues to commemorate each event-that also dropped tokens and had a use in the event and in new ones.
    Perhaps while killing monsters we might collect items to craft the monsters we fight. I liked the trades and might like to see some new ones added.
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    The monster hunts are always too short. I still am only half way to getting the kitchen while others seem to have billions of monster hunt coins. Also, maybe add a new way or two for us to get the golden coins.
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Loved the ability to craft purple Alicorns!!! For someone without love shack, they've been a blessing...

    But was disappointed when in last season you didn't get energy crates
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    Rhino Keeper
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    What did you enjoy the most about the event?
    - it has simple tasks and wonderful rewards, hope to see some added.

    What did you least enjoy about the event?
    - too short

    What do you want to see be done differently?
    - not a lot, I really enjoyed them as they are!

    Anything new you want to see in the next one?
    - possibility to purchase an additional Beastbane Display.
    - more lovely surprise drops of rare walls, towers and arches

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    As well as what everyone else has said

    Enjoyed - the fact that it works through normal game play that triggers monsters, as well as having the extras (means we don't have to ignore everything in our King/queendom while it is on, as we do for other recent events)

    Least enjoyed - not long enough

    Done differently - don't change the drops from prizes ...

    Something new - new trades that require a different mix of tokens. (e.g. Shield And staff tokens, sword and staff tokens) as this gives more flexibility when maxed on any of these
    (Added - or maybe some new land in which to hunt monsters )
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    Enjoyed most:
    - daily goals of troll, direbeast, and fangbeasts/skunkupines with energy crate prizes
    - MRC crafts
    - Trades
    - event statues, especially ones that drop tokens for completing goals
    - bundle offer with traps and energy
    - daily goal that included both fangbeast and skunkupine
    - beastbane display

    Enjoyed least:
    - limits on MRC crafts (if purple Ali is limited to one, please return its original energy drop)
    - change after event to crafted item drops
    - last event was too short and monster spawn rate was noticeably decreased

    New or different:
    - add monsters like flyger or other monsters we've been fighting all year for these events
    - spawning from more sources
    - new MRC crafts, maybe some without gold tokens
    - new trades in wagon
    - beastbane sale
    - more options to get gold tokens

    Don't change:
    - Basic format of event! It is fun, relaxing, and not too taxing. It's nice to be able to do normal play during the event.

    Thank you for asking for our input!!!
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