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Thread: Bakery Story: Speculate on Upcoming Updates & Goals

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    Not sure what, but I'd like to see something patriotic, for the American Independence Day holiday. Or something summer-y!

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    I'd like to see an ice pop theme or something new with out flowers gardening or pink !

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    My always-, or possibly never-, accurate guesses:

    We will get an update this week.
    It will be 2 week goals plus a coordinating box.
    The food on one appliance will be chilled, like the pops as suggested above, or other frozen treats.
    The appliances will require cooling coils and balloon grates.
    The decor will mostly not be pink.
    Pride will get a shout-out, but will not be the main theme.

    Now to wait and see if I am even a little bit right!

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    You crack me up, twospoons! ��
    HEY, Team Lava, how about giving a shout out to Clark Griswold by doing a "Family Vacation" theme!!!

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    Bakery Story Goals: 2017-June-6 "Is Cheesecake Pie or Cake?" Exp: 2017-June-21

    New goal

    pie oven:
    6 pink fuse
    10 pink paint
    6 sack of flour

    couldn't get screenshot
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    s8, at this point, even a sale would be nice. Please just give us something.

    Edit: I guess the bakery story gods heard me, an update just rolled in xD

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    I just saw the table and chair I love them 😍

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    New goal thread here. Closing thread for now

    So glad we got goals!
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    Summer Goals

    I was just wondering if Storm8 had any plans for a new goal related to summer, with a new oven and whatnot, or if they could bring back the Deep Sea Oven goals and everyone can be able to unlock the Grape Berrier Reef and Sea Sponge Cake.

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    I came to wonder when our next goal will be since it feels like it's been forever but I see that the last one was released June 6 -_-
    Maybe it'll be July 4th related next time. Or something sandy/beachy. Will be patient and wait...

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