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Thread: BOX: Lovey Dovey Crate - 2020 February 04

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    BOX: Lovey Dovey Crate - 2020 February 04

    New Mystery Box and Goal

    Available for 25 Days

    Lovey Dovey Crate currently on sale for 16 Gems for 25 days. *Will be removed at the end of this time*

    Lovey Dovey Crate Contents:
    Common (4th Prize, 54%):
    Loving Arrangement - wall
    Tall & Tiered Cake - 1x1
    Lovebird - 1x1

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%):
    Topplepots - 1x1
    Floral Arch - 2x2

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%):
    Couples Cooking - 2x1
    Heartfelt Exchange - 3x3

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%):
    Cupid's Fountain - _x_

    Full of Hearts - 25 Day Goal
    Have 1 Loving Arrangement
    Have 1 Tall & Tiered Cake
    Have 1 Lovebird
    Have 1 Topplepots
    Have 1 Floral Arch
    Have 1 Couples Cooking
    Have 1 Heartfelt Exchange
    Have 1 Cupid's Fountain
    *Rewards: $1,000, 90 xp

    - Players must be Level 12 or higher to receive the Mystery Crate Goals.
    - Mystery Crate Goal is optional. It's purpose is simply to showcase the items contained within the related Mystery Box.
    - Opening the box via the goal book does NOT assure you a certain a prize. All crate purchases are RANDOM.
    - This goal will not impact your playing or your odds when purchasing the box.
    - It is not necessary to make your box purchases through the goal to have your prizes count in the goal.
    - The goal task will automatically check off the items as you randomly win them from the box.
    - You will only be charged gems when you click on the Mystery Box in the Market like you do for all box purchases.

    Link to Master Box Guide for details on Mystery Boxes in general:

    Inventory/Market Cards:
    Spoiler: show
    Images will be added as they're shared

    Decos on Display:
    Spoiler: show
    Decos placed with table, chair and counter for size comparison.

    Full of Hearts Goal Cards:
    Spoiler: show
    Images will be added as they're shared
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    I'm not going to lie, I really like the "Cupid's Fountain" but the rest, I'm not so sure.

    Than again, I'm not big on valentines decor - or care so much about it. Though some of the items in this crate can also be used for Spring bakeries, which is nice. However that is just my opinion.

    However, it does have decent prizes, unlike last crate where there was only 2 that I liked. The Affluent Float Couple and Hanging Crystals.

    But regardless, I know I won't get the Cupid's Fountain, so I'm just not going to try anyway. But good luck to the players who do. I will just buy more expansions when I buy more iTunes money.

    However- I do hope that some day or eventually, it will be offered out of the crate/box to buy. But I'm not going to hope much for that as of yet, since it rarely happens to new boxes.

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    Ugh--the popup caught me. Got the lovebird, which like most 4th place prizes is worth coins at best. Oh well.

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