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Thread: May 2017 Sale (expires May 15)

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    Dang it, every time there's a LTO sale with gem items I find myself asking: DO I NEED THIS?!? Like in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" ha ha... My lonesome gem dispenser can't keep up with demand. I'd really like the herb garden & tea party, but boy are they expensive for seasonal decor. Now I have 5 days to decide...
    *ahem, a summer preview sale would be nice
    However, I'm glad for the re-release of the truffle chairs as I didn't get to splurge on these last time. I had the money, but had recently expanded and only had $2 mil on hand for holiday goals (I doubt I'm the only one that likes to keep minimums on hand). S8, I think it's cruel & unusual punishment to release LTOs during Christmas, as everything starts to add up. As such, I'm really happy to see LTOs being released more frequently & I hope this keeps up =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatfireball View Post
    I agree! I recently built both of them, first of all you spend 40,000$ on 2 machines, then you have to build both of them using important materials, and finally you get rewarded with 2 recipes! I know how Stormie had a big layoff a month or more ago, but I guess I have to deal with it.
    It never would have occured to me that ANY appliance would have less than 2 recipies. The Lab stove or oven (RS) only had 2 and that was my first S8 goal ever. 10,000 coins each for 1 recipe is crazy and of course I bought 6 of the Sugar Coater before discovering this.They sure suckered me into buying these with a count down timer for availability.
    You would think with the lack of recipes it would have cost about 4,000 coins. Especially with the huge amount of basic parts it needs to build.
    Maybe someday S8 could add 2 more cookies to the recipe list.
    Hope, hope, hope, hope....

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    I've been trying for YEARS to finish the Madeleine Tin collection so whenever it's on sale I indulge and allow myself 3 tries. This time around, I got 3 baking counters putting me at FIVE of them now. Honestly, I get that it's a random thing but come on, really?? I've finished other collections so I know it's possible but the Madeleine has become white whale at this point!

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    Is it possible for the truffle chair to release again ?
    Bring back that Truffle Chair cuz I wanna eat it

    Would love to see full collection of starry and floral theme goals re-release in BS
    eg : Virgo Mango Smoothie , Scorpio Crossio oh ya ! And Alice in Wonderland Version 2 teehee

    LV90 above 4 Star active player are welcome to add me BS & RS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kieranyeow View Post
    Is it possible for the truffle chair to release again ?
    You can request for the truffle chair in the current Holiday Suggestions thread, or by voting in this thread if you haven't done so already

    Closing thread b/c this sale is over.
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