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Thread: Restaurant Story 2: Game Guide

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    Restaurant Story 2: Game Guide

    ...Game Guide Restaurant Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Getting Started
    • Cooking
    • Learning Recipes
    • Shopping for Ingredients
    • Decorating and Styling

    Appliances for cooking gem recipes
    Block feature
    Create a Storm8 ID
    Cookbook Guide
    • Appliance I (Diner Stove, Commercial Range, Celebration Stove, Jubilee Oven, Diner Oven, Pizza Oven, Deli Station)
    • Appliance II (Commercial Oven, Salad Bar, Chateau Stove, Drink Maker, Chateau Oven, Deep Fryer, Festival Stove)
    • Appliance III (Valentine, BBQ, Ghostly, Snowy, Campfire, Food Cart, Workstation)
    • Appliance IV (Spice Station, Mixer, Grape Press, Aging Barrel)

    Echo Appliances (Pop’s Grill, Unicorn Oven)
    Expansion requirements

    Farm Fresh Stand & Stamps
    General stores
    Herb garden
    Quick serve
    Special customers
    Spices & Spice Station
    Street Market
    The Trophy Case
    Threads to post your Restaurant pictures
    List of Updates
    Frequently asked questions
    Regarding in-app purchases
    Game version
    New device - transfer your games
    What can I do to try to resolve my game issues?
    Storm8 Forum
    Storm8 Support

    ...Cruise Guide Restaurant Story 2 | Game Guides forum ...
    Cruise notes from Storm8
    Cruise Coin Mechanics
    Day Mechanics
    Strategy - prepping for the next day
    Strategy - stacking your counters
    Misc Cruise Stuff
    What to do when you can't stack
    Orders for cruise
    Cruise's gems values per coin dishes
    Tips and Notes for Cruises
    Special customers and chefs
    Unlocking Cruise Days
    List of Cruises

    ...Cruise Album Restaurant Story 2 | Game Guides forum ...

    ...Goal Guide Restaurant Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Game Goals

    Frequent Goals

    Important Threads

    Cookbook Recipe book Organized by appliance type
    New Items : Level 55
    Nefertiti (unfortunately does not show up on Android.)
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    Getting Started

    Running your Restaurant requires that you carefully balance the management of your resources and ingredients. If you're having problems, this section should help! There are several important aspects to remember: Cooking, Learning Recipes, Shopping for Ingredients, Decorating and Styling.

    Cooking is the best way to earn Coins and Experience Points to level up.
    Buy Appliances like Stoves, Ovens, Deli Stations, and Drink Makers in the Market.
    Tap an Appliance to see your Menu. This is a list of all the recipes you can cook with that Appliance.
    Tap a Menu item and then tap the Cook button to start cooking.
    When a recipe is finished cooking, tap it to add it to your counters and gain Experience Points (EXP). Make to have enough counter space!
    Customers will eat the food you place on your counters and pay you Coins when they finish (they may even leave a tip!)

    Learning Recipes
    You need to learn new recipes before you can cook them.
    Learning a new Recipe requires Coins and sometimes other materials.
    Learn a recipe by tapping on it in your Cooking Menu!
    Some recipes can only be learned by completing specific goals. Tap on a Locked by Goal recipe to learn more about which Goals to complete.

    Shopping for Ingredients
    The best way to gain ingredients is to use Grocers like the General Store or the Veggie Market.
    Tap on a Grocer building and then tap on ingredients to buy them for Coins.
    Ingredients take time to restock! Upgrade Grocers to increase the number of ingredients they can stock.
    Watch out for Special Customers like Cid the Construction Worker! He can give you Parts to Upgrade your Grocers.

    Decorating and Styling
    You can buy new items, decorations, and styles in the Market.
    These items are bought using Coins, which you earn from Cooking and from Customers.
    To buy a decoration, tap on the item in the Market. It will appear in your restaurant - tap on the check mark button to confirm your purchase.
    Tables, Chairs, Counters, Walls, and Floors can be Styled. Tap on a Style in the Market to buy it.
    You only need to buy a Style once, and you can use it as many times as you want!
    Buy additional Tables, Chairs, and Counters by tapping on the Buy More button on the left side of the screen.
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    Create A Storm8 ID

    Before you can add neighbours (explained in the Neighbours section) you must first create a Storm8 ID. To create a Storm8 ID open the Social page from the Main Menu and tap the Invite Friends tab. If you already have a Storm8 ID it will be displayed at the top of the page. If you do not have a Storm8 ID, you will have to sign up for one. Remember that when choosing a Storm8 ID this is what you will give to other players if you want them to invite you as a neighbour, so be sure that you choose wisely.

    Note: Your Storm8 ID and password are important for recovering your Storm8 games in case you lose your device or games.

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    Appliances for Cooking Gem Recipes

    Complete cruises to win gem recipes and the Special Customers will visit your restaurant to drop you the ingredients for making them. You can make these recipes in Celebration Stove and Jubilee Oven. Festive Stove comes with a gem recipe. You will get random gems every time you serve these recipes.
    • Celebration Stove
    • Jubilee Oven
    • Festive Stove

    Discussion thread: Festival Stove

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    Normal Chefs
    You start with one chef in your restaurant. When you buy your second diner stove, you will get a second chef.

    Special Chefs
    These are the limited time Chefs that you earned as rewards from past cruises. They appear when you display these appliances in your restaurant.
    • Ghost Pirate - Ghostly Stove
    • Willow - Snowy Oven
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    Expansion Requirements

    Expand your Restaurant by tapping on the wooden sign outside. Expanding costs Coins and Parts.
    You can get Parts like Blueprints, Nails, and Wood Planks from Cid the Construction Worker. Tap him while he's eating and he may give you a Part!

    Expansion Recipes
    ..Expansion Recipe
    Expansion 5 Sfogliatelle (level 22)
    Expansion 9 Lobster Thermidor (level 35)
    Expansion 9 Prime Rib (level 35)
    Expansion 9 Surf and Turf (level 35)
    Expansion 14 Baked Onion Soup (level 45)
    Expansion 14 Coq au Vin (level 45)
    Expansion 14 Ratatouille (level 45)

    Expansion Requirements
    Each expansion takes 22 hours to construct.

    Thanks to Chaotarch for consolidating this information.
    ..Expansion Requirements
    1 -
    2 100 coins
    3 2 blueprints, 2,000 coins, 6 nails, 2 planks
    4 (You need to unlock Herb Garden and Street Market)
    5 4 blueprints, 10 nails, 4 planks, 17,000 coins
    (You need to unlock Seafood Shop and Sfogliatelle)
    6 6 blueprints, 25,000 coins, 2 hammers, 6 planks
    7 6 blueprints, 25,000 coins, 6 planks, 2 hammers
    8 8 blueprints, 77,000 coins, 8 planks, 15 nails
    9 9 blueprints, 106,000 coins, 9 planks, 4 hammers
    (You need to unlock Fruit Shop and Lobster Thermidor, Prime Rib, Surf and Turf)
    10 10 blueprints, 156,000 coins, 9 planks, 4 hammers
    11 10 blueprints, 241,000 coins, 15 nails, 3 shovels
    12 10 blueprints, 284,000 coins, 15 nails, 4 hammers
    13 10 blueprints, 380,000 coins, 5 hammers, 4 shovels
    14 10 blueprints, 500,000 coins, 3 shovels, 9 planks
    (You need to unlock Baked onion soup, Cog au vin and Ratatouille)
    15 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 15 nails, 4 hammers
    16 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 4 shovels, 5 hammers
    17 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 9 planks, 3 shovels
    18 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 15 nails, 4 hammers
    19 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 9 planks, 3 shovels
    20 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 5 hammers, 4 shovels
    21 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 14 nails, 3 shovels
    22 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 9 planks, 4 hammers
    23 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 5 hammers, 4 shovels
    24 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 9 planks, 3 shovels
    25 10 blueprints, 600,000 coins, 15 nails, 4 hammers
    Expansion #25 is the last expansion. After that it says you must reach level 80 to expand again.

    Discussion thread:

    Related topic: Special Customers
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    Giving Gifts To Your Friends
    To give a Gift to another player, you must first add them as a Neighbor. You can then send a Gift either directly through the Neighbors page by tapping the Gift button next to their name or by visiting a Neighbor's Restaurant and then tapping the Gift icon on the bottom right side of the screen. When you send a gift, you are not giving up items you already have, and it doesn't cost anything. It is like buying your friends presents for completely free! Your friends will surely appreciate that and return the favor!

    You can gift as many neighbours as you like but you can only send 1 gift to a neighbour a day. Once your neighbour has received your gift, you will not be able to gift them until the next game day. Game resets at midnight California time. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the S8 time zone.

    Receiving Gifts From Neighbours
    When a Neighbor sends you a gift, a News icon will appear on your screen. Tap it to open it and accept or decline the gifts you've been sent. There will be an option to send a return gift.

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    How can I get more gems?
    You can get gems through the following:
    • by purchase
    • game download goals
    • cook gem recipes
    • watch a video
    • complete the tasks in the Trophy Case

    Buy gems
    You can get more Gems by tapping the [Add] button next to the [Gems] icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this [Add] button, you will be able to select from various Gem offers available for purchase.

    Other games goals
    You sometimes get goals to download and play other Storm8 games in your goal list. Download and play these games to be rewarded with gems.

    When you get this game goal prompt in Restaurant Story 2, do not install the new game immediately. You should check your other Storm8 games and see they get this prompt. This way, you will get the gem/gold rewards in your other games as well.

    Lost gems
    For loss of gems, please contact Storm8 Support:

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    General Stores

    General Store
    Ingredients: Egg, bread, cheese, pasta, sugar, flour, mayonnaise, rice, milk
    ..Upgrade To Requirements
    2 1 nail, 50 coins
    3 12 nails, 12.000 coins, 3 planks
    4 8 nails, 3 hammers, 90.000 coins, 3 planks
    5 15 nails, 4 hammers, 470.000 coins, 3 shovels
    6 20 nails, 6 hammers, 1.260.000 coins, 4 shovels

    Available at: Level 3
    Repair: 1 nail
    Repair time: -

    Ingredients: Beef, chicken, cream, bacon, butter
    ..Upgrade To Requirements
    2 1 plank, 500 coins
    3 15 nails, 1 hammer, 22,000 coins, 3 planks
    4 10 nails, 3 hammers, 120,000 coins, 4 planks
    5 5 hammers, 600,000 coins, 3 shovels, 10 planks
    6 8 hammers, 1,340,000 coins, 5 shovels, 12 planks

    Fruit Market
    Available at: Level 37 and 9th expansion
    Repair: 6 blueprints, 4 hammers, 12 planks
    Repair time: 22 hours

    Ingredients: Apple, lemon, orange, strawberry, green grapes, red grapes, purple grapes
    ..Upgrade To Requirements
    2 6 nails, 110.000 coins, 2 Planks, 2 shovels
    3 8 nails, 2 hammers, 210,000 coins, 4 planks
    4 16 nails, 3 hammers, 320,000 coins, 6 planks
    5 4 hammers, 910,000 coins, 3 shovels, 8 planks
    6 10 hammers, 1,680,000 coins, 7 shovels, 16 planks
    Discussion thread:

    Seafood Shop
    Available at: Level 25 and 5th expansion
    Repair: 5 blueprints, 15 nails, 5 planks
    Repair time: 22 hours

    Ingredients: Tuna, salmon, seaweed, lobster, fresh cod
    ..Upgrade To Requirements
    2 5 nails, 1 hammer, 20,000 coins, 2 planks
    3 8 nails, 2 hammers, 40,000 coins, 3 planks
    4 14 nails, 4 hammers, 220,000 coins, 6 planks
    5 6 hammers, 780,000 coins, 3 shovels, 12 planks
    6 9 hammers; 1,540,000 coins; 6 shovels; 14 planks

    Veggie Market
    Ingredients: Tomato, potato, carrot, broccoli, green pepper, onion, lettuce, cucumber, peas, mushroom, celery
    ..Upgrade To Requirements
    2 4 nails, 1,000 coins, 1 plank
    3 8 nails, 2 hammers, 380,000 coins, 3 planks
    4 12 nails, 3 hammers, 160,000 coins, 5 planks
    5 20 nails, 6 hammers, 750.000 coins, 3 shovels
    6 17 nails, 9 hammers, 1.460.000 coins, 6 shovels
    Thanks to Chaotarch for consolidating the upgrade information.
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    Herb Garden

    Available at: Level 15 and 4th expansion
    Repair: 5 nails, 2 planks
    Repair time: 16 hours

    Unlock and repair the garden to start gardening. Plant herbs in the Garden by tapping on Garden Plots, and wait to see what grows! Some Herbs are more rare than others. You can unlock new Garden Plots by using Seeds and Shovels. You can get Seeds from Lilly, a Special Customer, but it may take a few tries!

    These are the herbs which you can grow in your garden. Use these herbs for cooking recipes and making spices in the Spice Station.
    • Basil - harvests in 30mins (unlocks at level 15)
    • Garlic - harvests in 30mins (unlocks at level 15)
    • Ginger - harvests in 2 hour (unlocks at level 20)
    • Vanilla - harvests in 8 hour (unlocks at level 24)
    • Cloves - harvests in 1 hour (unlocks at level 58)

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post
    The Herbs (Basil, Garlic, and Ginger) are stored in the Pantry. The Seeds are stored in the Tool Box. Lily has a chance to drop both items. To avoid getting this message, we suggest ensuring you always have room in both.
    Expand the plots in your garden to grow more herbs. Each plot takes 4 hours to construct.

    Quote Originally Posted by SparklyOctopus View Post
    Hey guys! Currently you need to be at least Level 33 to be receiving these seeds.
    Thanks to Chaotarch for consolidating this information.
    ..Plot Requirements
    1 -
    2 -
    3 2 seeds
    4 2 shovels, 5 seeds
    5 5 shovels, 10 seeds, Level 20
    6 8 shovels, 15 seeds
    7 10 shovels, 20 seeds
    8 12 shovels, 25 seeds
    9 14 shovels, 30 seeds
    10 16 shovels, 35 seeds
    11 18 shovels, 40 seeds
    12 20 shovels, 50 seeds

    Discussion thread: Cloves for Expert blend, Seeds

    Related topic: Special Customers, Spices & Spice Station
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