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    We need

    More farms. So many dragon not enough food. Please pass on to the powers that be. We need more farms lots more. I farm 3 times a day 800 each time. And still not enough food to build up more dragons and most need tones of food the level them up.we need about 7 more farms.

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    I agree. We need better crops from sure. I honestly don't know how anyone gets dragons to level 15. I can't even get most dragons to level 10. Most I just get to 7, the cheaper ones I will get a few of those to 10 now and then but I have no food after. I actually never have even 100,000 apples, most of the time I just have about 20,000 to 40,000

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    Agreed...we need more farms & types of food, please & thank you.

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    We need better crop production. Farms take up what limited space we have. These farms need to yield more given that we can go to level 15 with the dragons. Farms have not kept up with all of the other things in the game.

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    not more farms but better crops but this has been requested since a long long long time ago so i don't your wish will soon be given
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    It would definitely be great to get more crop options/ another farm. As it stands now, the only way I ever get a dragon to 15 is to constantly plant the 800 crop and use all my mining materials. Even if I already have the dragon from the mine I keep on mining because it gives more food than the land mine. But even then it takes me at least a week if not more to get a level 10 dragon up to 15.

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    I would like to see better crop options that are MORE REASONABLE. 8,000 coins for grapes that only give a measly amount of food is ridiculous!

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    I would not expect much.
    I think any improvement that would reduce the opurtunities a player is presented with a delema and needs to consider gold to complete a task will not likely occur.

    Think the dangling carrot just out of reach. That carrot is a dragon.

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    I agree we need more farms for more crops. Android users also need a dragon album to actually see which dragons they have.

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    At this point we should be able to harvest around 70k to 100k of food per day with the same amount of farms we have so not to take away space.

    Sad this won't happen anytime soon.

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