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Thread: Bakery Story: Help Me I have a Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyHeartBakery View Post
    What?s everyone?s Fav way to increase coin?
    I?ve been playing for a long time. I feel like with the goals lately, they have been a lot more coin intensive. I have a Bakery FULL of counters. I didn?t see a specific current pinned post related to coin generation. I know the Red Velvet trick. I guess I wanted to see if someone has a list of top coin earners & baking times (sometimes I don?t want to fill up all my ovens with RVC, kinda boring). And wondering if maybe for some recipes it makes sense to dump from counters? I always bake to mastery, gotta get those gems. But are there some recipes that are sucking up my customers eating with low level coin return & if I dumped them, I might earn faster?? I also did the bake and dump method to make ovens for the Lorena extra recipes for awhile, which really depleted my coin. I have halted that for now. For Bakery full of product, I shouldn?t have this issue LOL
    it matters more how your tables are laid out than what you have on your counters. you can have all the RVC in the world on your counters but still make less per hour than someone who is only selling goal recipes if their layout is more functional. you want to have an optimized layout to sell your food off as fast as possible. there's a box of links at the bottom of the goal posts that has a collection of interesting threads which is where i found this one with tips on maximizing profit (
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    Hi everyone & to whoever can help me.

    I have been watching my gifts closely the past couple days. I count out each item as it is accepted, and confirm what I have received based on my inventory counts. You get the picture. Every day I max at 19 gifts. I do not understand why, but today, as of right this minute, I'm maxing out at 15 gifts!!! Please someone explain to me what is going on.

    Thanks in advance

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