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Thread: Christmas Sale!

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    Christmas Sale!

    When we will get Christmas sale...Its just couple of days to Xmas to come.....

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    I hope for nothing in particular, as I've got a design I want to do, that would require 50 moneys in iTunes form, because I foolishly buy gems a while back and cannot get the gem videos now Regardless, I also don't want to get my hopes up, because that is what I did for the "Black Friday" sale, and it got me nowhere, unfortunately.

    I do think if there will be a sale, it probably will happen closer to Christmas, unfortunately.

    As last year it happened on the 21 December, year before that (2017) was on the 23? So I guess just a few days before - we will get 1. Hopefully!

    However if I must admit, I really want the gingerbread items out of the box/crate, so I can do a gingerbread theme all year. (A bit boring, I know - I just don't decorate often)

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    I hope Storm8 brings the gem dispenser for this Christmas sale for the regular price of 225 gems or they should bring it in a value pack for 4.99 or a cheaper price. I am willing to buy it. It could be a great Christmas gift for us who wish to buy the gem dispenser.

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