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Thread: Dragon Daycare - Bug!

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    I got so excited when I saw the pop-up for Mama dragon, but then I realized the odds of breeding this cutie are really bad

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    Well, I put the Mama x Cloud combo on the nest (Winter), and the goal did not clear. Bummer... :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonlord196 View Post
    same I need to breed it again...I already have Mama currently breeding but goal did not clear
    I think in the past , goals like this will clear after your hatch the egg. Let me know if your goal clears after hatching the egg.
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    I got Mama with Mercury & Kitsune. I was just really disappointed when I had bought 2x boost & I DID NOT get rewarded my Mama Ultra double points. It only gave me super rare double points. I should've been given another 80 points than I got. There's no point sending an e-mail because lost Leaderboard points have never been given back to me.

    ✨Good Luck to those still trying✨

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