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Thread: Castle Story: 5/4 - Storybook event | The Knight's Tale | *4 day timed poll added*

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmine2 View Post
    I have been checking my game about every hour to answer request as quickly as possible, but my game is running very behind for some reason,. Actually all 3 of my Storm 8 games are having extremely bad lag and the no internet access pop up! Even getting this forum to load took a while ☹️
    Same here no internet acess pop up all the time and a lots of lag

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    Hey guys happy to accept neighbour requests if anyone is struck. I'm based in India so time difference means I'll be checking my game for next 8 odd hours
    Queendom of Cool 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by Den8137259 View Post
    ★ Sophie, just continue getting your teeth cos there is no end-date indicated, at least for now (: ★

    ★ I'm pushing to make my first n second bear concurrently, n to join the exclusive 871 Club (: ★ I hope I will (: ★
    Ok so what is this 871 club?

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    After goal ended the horse was 500 gems, cheaper than 644 gems for 8 golden eggs!
    I'll never fall for this again. Only bought horse because I had spent so much $$ for energy, gems and coins.
    I had enough gems from those purchases, I didn't have to buy more.

    I will be sticking to the normal goals now!

    Does anyone know how to remove an incomplete building? I don't know what to do with the final goal building from step 10 that I was unable to build. I don't want this thing in my way forever, and I am definately not gonna waste my resourses to build it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlowerBurst View Post
    It was definitely a glitch on my end, so I decided to use gems! Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you taking the time to help! Thank you again!!!
    Youre welcome flowerburst, thanks for the message, pleased you finished :-)

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    I really hope they let us put the unfinished thing away. I am never going to complete it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlecatz View Post
    Ok so what is this 871 club?
    ★ details to the 871 Club is found in this thread, open to all (: ★!

    ★ the goal to pursue 871 teeth for event is a personal one (: ★

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    What to choose, the white or the black one? Any suggestions?

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    For all those who felt forced to use gems because of this glitch, please submit something to S8.

    I am on this part now and refuse to use gems if S8 has an issue at their end. I am documenting everyone that answers my request so I can report that to S8. If it's an S8 issue, we all deserve the end prize (maybe even both).

    I'm still miffed that they acknowledged a problem with the adventure drops but didn't compensate those players that had to use way too many resources (I spent 3 days sending adventures probably about 30 sent, while others had to send 50+. That's a lot of resources wasted).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrootje View Post
    What to choose, the white or the black one? Any suggestions?
    I think I read someone earlier on who said they got the black, but wished they got the white, as the black is harder to see. Might be something to consider.

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