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Thread: Restaurant Story: Speculate on Upcoming Updates & Goals

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    Restaurant Story: Speculate on Upcoming Updates & Goals

    Hey Everyone,

    We have created this thread for you to speculate on future updates, including goals, crates, regular updates, and sales. Here is a space for us to visit and discuss as we wait for new things or we can discuss these updates before the update threads are started.

    The update schedule may be irregular for the time being, but the game will continue to receive updates, and new items can arrive in-game any day of the week from Monday through Friday. Thank you for your understanding.
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    I think the next update we get will be mother's day-related. It will come next week, after US mother's day.

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    Maybe something patriotic for Memorial Day?
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    Summer birthday stone goals, summer goal barbecue , July 4 . New boxes

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    I was thinking flowers. April showers bring May flowers. (But what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims! Ba-dum-bom.)

    Memorial Day is coming, but that's less a celebration than a solemn day of remembrance, so I'd hope they wouldn't jazz that up too much. It's not like July 4, though many people now just blow off the meaning of the day.

    So I'm going with flowers, though that is also a Mother's Day thing. For Mother's Day we should collect phones. That's the day many kids call for sure. ��

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    Maybe mothers day theme or memorial day theme would be really nice. Something to give remembrance.

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    s8, I think for the holidays and other things you should rerelease old goals! Also sales are of course greatly appreciated!

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    Yes, I wanna do the past goals that I missed.

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    July 1 is Canada Day & this year is our 150th birthday...would be nice to see an Oh Canada theme to celebrate

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