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Thread: Dragon Story: May-July 2017

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    Storm ID: rwilliams242

    I'm excellent about responding to gift requests. When I'm not in school I'm good about visiting islands

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    Jun 2015
    Storm ID: adekil40

    Looking for gold gifting neighbours and always check the game throughout the day to respond to requests.

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    Feb 2013
    Add me: Selasane
    Dragon story, castle story, & fantasy story

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    I looking for 35 New neighbors who can return map requests daily. 3/4 of my current neighbors don't return my map requests. My Id is Clubhouse City level 146.
    My sister (level 30) is looking for 49 neighbors for maps requests and 2 to exchange gold. Her Id is Dlocu. Thanks.

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    Havent played for a long time but started again, please add LisaViola1911

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    Aug 2017
    New player looking for neighbors. ID is bangtanbagels

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    Jul 2013
    Lost one of my gifting neighbors. If you want a daily gold exchange, please leave a message on my wall.

    Please be aware that I don't gift from this account every single day, as sometimes I'm busy/lazy. But if you also add my secondary account, when I skip a day gifting from main account, I'll send you 2 gold the next day, so it equals out. You'll probably come out ahead! I'll leave the other account name on your wall if you're interested. Just please don't send gifts to the second account, it doesn't need them.

    I don't visit.

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    Need one more daily, every single day, gold gifting nbr. I gift daily, at varying times, but every day I do at least sign in and gift. No skipping. Thanks. kat8rose

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