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Thread: Bakery Story: May 2017

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    Please add me! Looking for active neighbors as all my current neighbors never respond to my requests for gifts.

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    Rhino Keeper sweetpea6645's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Looking for new neighbors with BOTH my bakeries. SWEETPEA6645 PARIS66

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    May 2017
    Daily player who tips and gifts back. Responds to all requests. Please add me. Storm ID: rheannabanana93

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    May 2017
    Hey my user name is : Musfua

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    Hi! Add me My id: rudablondyna

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    I need neighbors. Most of mine stopped playing. I'm level 99 and play daily. I don't tip because I'm working a lot but I gift and respond to all requests. Id: Tracey7d

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    active player lvl 99 looking for other active players. Will always respond to material requests.
    add me: ichristinarr2

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    I'm looking for a handful of neighbors who gift items appropriate to the current goal set, respond to neighbor requests, and don't care about tipping (you don't have to tip me and don't care if I tip you). If this sounds like you - please consider sending me a friend request. I respond to ALL neighbor requests and gift items needed for the current goal set.
    ID: Esleyoga

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    Add me please - tilachambers 🤗

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    May 2017
    Looking for neighbors who gift parts only and respond to requests. I play daily.

    ID: sweet891

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