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  • I liked this Event

    16 26.23%
  • I did not like this Event

    34 55.74%
  • I liked the Hoppour

    15 24.59%
  • I liked the Fuffingo

    31 50.82%
  • I liked the Drizzly Bear

    20 32.79%
  • I liked the Cloud Bushes

    7 11.48%
  • I liked the Umbrella Trees

    6 9.84%
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Thread: Storybook : 2017 apr 27 - April Showers NEW POLL

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    Like others on this thread I have disliked this SB.
    I spent four days trying to hatch an Aquatter then gave up on the SB as there was absolutely no way I could finish. Very disappointed with the tasks but for me FFS is not a primary game for me, I generally keep it only to play with my daughter, so no big loss but SB are the only thing that kept me interested.

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