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Thread: Egg album

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    Egg album

    I know iOS already have a dragon album (which android players would love btw, including the extra dragons you get from it!!) but what would be lovely would be an album of all the eggs you have had, to gloat over, I mean gaze at, long after the dragon has hatched It seems so sad that all that beautiful artwork can only be seen once (for event dragons) and then is gone as soon as it hatches. For example, Supreme has a lovely egg that I'm really looking forward to seeing, but then it will be gone! I guess it might bloat the game files somewhat, but maybe it could be done as an on/off option and people could choose whether they wanted it (so tech users with low storage space could choose to turn it off). I've had some lovely eggs and would love to be able to see them again.
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    I would like a chart showing which dragon will hatch out of each egg. I saw one, once upon a time, but it was too small to see, and couldn't be enlarged to be readable.

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