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Thread: Castle Story: General Suggestion thread

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    Something to help create Enchanted Lanterns.. random drops, more sources for the firefly thingies? please

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    Any suggestions to speed up load time would be greatly appreciated. Loading the game, loading my wall and visiting neighbors have become nearly impossible for me. The galloping horse stays on my screen the vast majority of the time I'm in the game. Help!

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    I would like to suggest that in the future items like the banners that we win when competing in Monster Hunts not be placed on sale in the market. Those banners are a badge of honor that we earn by working hard to win events. Some of us like to display them and give other players an idea who they are up against during Beast Master events. When people can just buy as many as they want and decorate their kingdoms with them willy nilly, it gives a false impression of how many events they have actually won and and cheapens the meaning of the banners for the rest of us.
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    The ability to buy or win (barons tent)- chomp chests
    Love shack
    More multi-dropping items

    The ability to craft - firefly cages
    Shiny silver

    Is also like more plots to expand (especially in the main land body rather than the island).
    More storyline's from new sale items, Madame Makeda's items, similar to the goblins etc.
    A gem confirm window. Many other such use of resources have a confirm window. (I know S8 has to make money, but when gems are used, especially if the gameboard moves suddenly, players often lose gems that they have either earned in-game or previously purchased, and the accidental use of those gems deter players from buying more).

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    I personally would like there to be a significant increase or elimination on the limit of roads/paths. I take pride in the decoration of my kingdom, truly, and having to constantly calculate and stress about how i’m going to maximize the layout of things over these limitations is a big damper.

    Perhaps as many others have suggested, the ability to move the Elven Outpost. Sure, there is is a special bird delivery animation however the special animation is not worth it being glued to one spot indefinitely if that is the reason.

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