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Thread: How many Alicorns have players crafted with the love shack?

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    I have 29 Alis, 8 are still babies. All crafted in the Love Shack, only from parts no gems used. Latest was a couple of weeks ago and I have 2 horns that have dropped since. I send out adventures constantly from both castle and barracks. I don't keep track but I think I've had parts drop from all the original adventures, not the fairy, troll or fur burrow. I started with the separate Valentine Edition of Castle Story. I'm pretty sure that was the only parallel version. Dragon Story has had several Halloween and a beach theme one. Anyways that version had different colors in the surrounding vegetation, all shades of pink and purple. Trees and rocks dropped regular and pink wood and stone. Only beast at that time was the Lovecupine. That was 4 years ago and most details are fuzzy but at some time I did download the regular version and played both for a while but preferred the colors of the Valentine. At some point during the summer that version was discontinued and I had to play just the regular one. There were a number of crafting tasks that were then incorporated into the Love Shack. I can change regular wood and stone to pink ones and use them to craft the Love fountain, pink trimmed walls and towers, pink pathways and rainbows, make Valentine flowers and trees using the entwined seedlings that still drop from the Love adventure and some pink flowers. And if I wanted to, I can still purchase the pink animals with gems. They drop chocolate eggs, and other stuff used to craft candy boxes which are used to craft box item, forget the name, that is needed for the Love adventure. Sheep drops a red ribbon.

    If you wish to come visit, I have a corner devoted to the Love Shack and things pink. I purchased 5 pink chickens with coins when they were available. All the other love animals were drops from the Love adventure: 4 cows, 2 still calves; 4 chickens; 2 pig, 1 still piglet; and 2 sheep, 1 still lamb. I've put the Wedding stuff there as well. The carriage is pulled by the pink Alis followed by the single Wedding Ali, white bush in remberance of the one rustled in the middle of the night. The chapel and geese have been added recently. Love animals recently crafted do not have the special drops so the cow, 2 pigs and 2 sheep are in the pasture with the other farm animals.

    As much as people would like, I don't think there is much chance S8 would bring it back. There is just too much that it can do.
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    I have quite a few alicorns and am always sending out adventures in the queen's court, barracks and haunted keep. My personal experience is that the more requirements the adventure needs, the higher chance of a wing or horn drop. Desert sands and plume hive have dropped the most alicorn parts for me, although very very very rarely, ancient vault did give an alicorn part.
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    I have 9 alicorns and 1 baby. I am making another right now in the Love Shack. I have 2 more horns, but the wings have been very difficult to get. I bought the wing with gems for the alicorn I am crafting now. Until reading this thread, I thought that the only adventure in which you could get parts was the Dispel the Love Magic adventure.

    One of my neighbors has 120 regular alicorns. This neighbor also has the Love Shack. When I visit, it is a sea of white wonder and I am green with envy. I have no idea how many parts or alicorns were purchased with gems. For sure it was a lot since parts are very hard to come by.

    I must say that although it was never easy, it has gotten much harder in the past year to get wings or horns from the Dispel the Love Magic adventure. I will now go on more of the other adventures mentioned in search of these treasures.

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    I have 17 Ali that I crafted in LS. I did buy a couple of horns when I had the gems.
    I get only wings from love magic adventure.
    I have a neighbour that MAXED out on Ali's and he never bought any! 100 or more. He said he gets the rare drops frequently. He can make another 100 with the inventory of wings and horns he has!
    My guess is that he was glitched with a developers testing code that dramatically increases the rare rate drop.

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    10 days ago I had 31 Alicorns, all crafted in the Love shack.
    I do 1 adventure every day in the Kings Keep, usually "Traverse the Desert Sands". I do 1 adventure every 2 days in both the Haunted Keep and the Barracks, usually "Explore Dark Caves".
    I had two Alicorn horns in storage, I don't know for how long. I got a wing 7 days ago in the Kings Keep doing the Sands adventure. Crafted #32.
    Two days ago I got a second wing from the Barracks, doing the cave adventure. and crafted #33.
    Since that's pretty much been my routine for the last 4 years, there must be something to it.
    I didn't finish the last event because I got the bear and didn't get back to 400 teeth to continue. How anyone finished that without spending gems is beyond me! Even with 30+ Alicorns, I couldn't get 475 bear teeth! I only have between 40-100 gems at anytime. Trust me...I didn't buy Alicorns.

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    I have 10 Alicorn and I've crafted each one in the Love Shack. All parts have been from adventures. I have never purchased any....and I won't.

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    I have the LS and 25 Alicorns. I think half were crafted without spending gems. The other half were crafted while having either the horn or wing (cost to craft was only 200 gems).

    Even with all these Alicorns, I find it difficult to complete some of the challenges. I'm amazed at how many of you are able to complete the goals without having numerous Alicorns.

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    Wow thanks for sharing all of your numbers, so bummed I just missed it. I could see how they would be a huge advantage these past few events as someone mentioned. I also see why they won't bring it back as someone else said. At that stage in the game they could afford to make an event as such for their players, but too many players now and it will take away from their income.
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    I've crafted 14 alicorns in the Love Shack. Never spent any gems on them (after I got my first one, there wasn't much incentive to). Still have 5 or 6 alicorn horns waiting for matching wings.

    I didn't realize they made a change to the Love Shack -- I've still been dutifully crafting other things in it.

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    I don't have the love shack and would really like to, although I realize there is not much sense in hoping.

    It's not only for the chance of ali parts, but as DeeDee said, there are heaps of things to craft with it: Animals, plants, deco plus items for a special adventure. I just feel like there is a big part of CS I'm missing out on

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