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Thread: How many Alicorns have players crafted with the love shack?

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    I have over 35 (forget how many!) by always and only doing the love quest in my castle each day. Taken me years, mind!

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    Wow! I?m so jealous. I?ve been playing for at least 5 years and still don?t have even one regular Alicorn. I adventure at least twice a week from the Queen?s Court and the Barracks, and all I have to show for it are 3 wings. I?ll keep adventuring until I get that elusive horn. I won?t buy the parts. I do have a Pink, Wedding, and Rainbow Alicorn, so my kingdom isn?t completely Alicorn free

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    I've crafted 23 with the Love Shack over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AinoDK View Post
    I don't have the love shack and would really like to, although I realize there is not much sense in hoping.

    It's not only for the chance of ali parts, but as DeeDee said, there are heaps of things to craft with it: Animals, plants, deco plus items for a special adventure. I just feel like there is a big part of CS I'm missing out on
    Yes I agree too

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    I have crafted 15 alicorns in the Love Shack. I have never had a problem getting wings, but horns are scarce for me. It is always a time to celebrate when a horn drops from an adventure!

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    i have crafted more than 90 alicorns in the Love Shack .maybe it is 99 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by linurm View Post
    i have crafted more than 90 alicorns in the Love Shack .maybe it is 99 .
    Wow I think that one was a record. I am honestly happy for you but a number like that being able to craft over time (unless you spent money) makes the game extremely unfair for those of us who missed getting it. You just can't compete with so much energy.
    I try to collect every single daily one I can plus I have one white and the horse that gives weekly, so doing all I can. Looking forward to Tomorrow as deco is my favorite. Good luck all!
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    WHY did I click the title of this thread to read? ...WHY!?!

    Am I just a glutton for punishment & LIKE feeling like I got kicked in the gut?

    Seriously, congrats to all of you who have 1-99+ alicorns from the ever-loving-holier-than-thou-blessEd-elitist-CAN'T-HAVE-IT Love Shack but I think I'll go find a knife and the salt shaker now...

    Ouch. Pfft.

    PS....and while I'm at it, I'll find some dirt to dig up from the middle of a briar patch to also grind into that wound because your alicorns' energy-drop wasn't ever changed after the fact nor have you ever been restricted to a cap of 4 of 'em.
    *reaching for my glass of Bitter Wine* lol
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