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    I was just wondering how many different types of event related items people have in inventory. I have several things such as holiday felt, glimmer marble, silver buttons, and much more. Souvenirs are great, but 74 leftovers of an item is ridiculous. I don't know if this belongs in the suggestions thread or not, but I would like to see s8 have reuse things to collect for other upcoming events as appropriate; Snowflakes and holiday felt for a Christmas event for example. This would reward loyal long term players by having some required items on hand and making events slightly easier to complete, but not by an unreasonable amount. Any comments?
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    I would agree with that. I have a lot left over in inventory from past events. Sometimes the leftover item is similar enough to what we're supposed to be collection for a current event it gets confusing.

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    I am a collector, so I do not mind. Just makes finding something in the inventory a journey. I have nearly 400 pages inventory.
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