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Thread: Dragon types?

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    Dragon types?

    How can you tell what dragons belong to the various types? Some of the tasks in Bingo involve fighting, breeding and evolving certain types of dragons.

    For instance now one of my tasks is to evolve a champion type dragon to level 15, but all of my dragons are fully evolved at level 10. So what is a champion type dragon and how can you evolve higher than the level 10 maximum?

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    the champion type is the only that can beat almost everything .
    you can't breed it : you can only win them during tournament or craft them and sometimes got them with some events.
    you can also buy 3 of them in the market (ninja, paladin and valkyrie) with golds.

    to raise dragons over level 10, you have to buy the nobel crystal in the market. only then you can feed your dragon up to level 15. but be aware that you will need LOT of food !
    so i think you better cancel this task in your bingo
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    There is one champion type you can breed, Valiant.... but you need to have a champion to begin with . Diamond and champion type hybrid. Got mine first or second try, during a boosted breeding & diamond temple overlap speed breed session.
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    You can find the Guardian type dragons in the Marketplace, or in your Breeding Roost (once you have a Guardian), with the Star Type Icon at the bottom of the Types Icons. Unfortunately there is no other good way to take a quick inventory of what types of dragons that you have, beyond the type of habitats they occupy or a good memory.

    It often takes a bit of research to determine if a new dragon is going add some new combination or level of rarity to your herd. I know, in the past, I have allowed a lot of good dragons to slip through my fingers because there was so much going on that I didn't have time to find out what they were all about, or S8 pulled them from the market in the blink of an eye. Often, if you see a dragon offered in a Value Pack, it's returning for a good reason. Keep your eyes on them. Quite a few Guardians show up like that.

    Unless you just have a penchant for collecting all of a type, you probably won't need a lot of plain old Guardians. Instead, concentrate on hybrids that combine two or more types and give you additional advantages in the Arena. Under the right circumstance, you might find a certain combination will give you like 6 points of superiority over an opponent.

    Check for breedability. The Valiant is prized, not only for being of the rarest type, Diamond (which is very tough against hard type opponents), but it also holds onto the Ultra Rare advantage by being a dragon that you can actually breed. Most Guardians fall back into the category of "Unbreedables", slightly stronger than a Rare, but less than a Super Rare, in the Arena.
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    Here is another example of rarity-worthiness that you can apply to current events:

    The Tulip Dragon, in the Spring Festival World Event, shows itself to be a Super Rare dragon. It's types, Pink-Purple-Green, are also possessed by the Super Rare, Divine Dragon. However, the Tulip is classified as 'unavailable through breeding', so if you are fortunate enough to have bred a Divine, that is the one that you'd feed for the Arena.

    The Pastel Dragon, in the same event, shows up as Super Rare. It is equivalent, in types, to a Pink-White-Purple, Teacup Dragon. The Teacup is breedable, but only Rare. So, the Pastel is the one that you would favor for Arena grooming, since it will be marginally stronger than the Teacup, as it is 'unavailable through breeding'.

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