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  • Tea Party - L10

    140 26.42%
  • Tea Party - L8-L9

    269 50.75%
  • Tea party - no I tried but gave up

    141 26.60%
  • Peacock - yes

    262 49.43%
  • Peacock - no

    228 43.02%
  • Gems - no gems spent at all

    206 38.87%
  • Gems - bundle purchased

    70 13.21%
  • Gems - spring flower purchased

    100 18.87%
  • Gems - additional fences/paths purchased

    31 5.85%
  • Gems - yes but for other reasons

    150 28.30%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Castle Story 4/13: The Baron's Tea Party | POLL ADDED - PLEASE VOTE

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    I was not happy , I spent gems bought pack did some speeding up with gems. I didn't get to level 10 I had level 9 , no peacock, I was getting 1-2 tea leaves per 40 mushrooms collected , I 1-2 petals per 20 grass chopped, even the flowers I bought to get extra petals did not give petals on each collection, and I paid real money for them. I don't mind spending some money after all that's how they stay in business , but I'd like to have something to show for what I spend.

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    My answer doesn't seem to be showing so take 2.

    Call me the unlucky one.

    I was originally only going for level 9 not to bother with the work but then I became sick and was in the hospital so with time pushed more for 10. So first bit of unluck I was on track for 10 but last day just drained and slept all day so I was short one setting and one treat to make it. I really didn't and don't care if it's 10, it looks fine, but it does hurt a bit to be that close. It is pretty though and for me I can make an area for tea, picnics, outdoor sitting etc.

    As for peacock unlucky as well. Was on a fine track to get it, but second to last day game did not register any of my cups so I fell behind. Had to spend almost 40 gems, which I would have spent to buy one, but considering that I put the work in I feel I deserve gems back. The peacock was the thing I wanted most from this event although altogether there really wasn't much I wanted as I found the prizes not as good as the ones in the past.
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    I missed the poll. I gave up with over a week to go. It wasn't fun. It wasn't entertaining. It was so boring. So repetitive. And now I open the new chapter one (why another chapters one???) and it's already looking like it'll be out of range for people to complete.

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    HI again.
    I always thought that from the peacocks we collect the feathers, and we eat the ostrich's eggs...
    But me peacock, continuously gives me eggs!
    So I invite you everyone for "A Barons Peacock Omelet Party"!
    Bring with you your peacock's eggs to make it huge.

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    It's interesting that 75% of players did not finish the last update, and half didn't receive the final individual prize. I know S8 is trying to make money, but as we've learned from our previous lessons, upsetting your customers isn't the way to go about it.
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    i wish the poll allowed for more information to be given. such as did you set an alarm to play through the night? how reasonable was this goal for you as a player? etc

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    My sentiments are echoed in so many of these posts. I wanted the peacock so I got it for decoration only as the drops are worthless (much like the leprechaun that "always drops something golden!" Haha! Wheat & gems. Just what I want! )
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