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  • Tea Party - L10

    140 26.42%
  • Tea Party - L8-L9

    269 50.75%
  • Tea party - no I tried but gave up

    141 26.60%
  • Peacock - yes

    262 49.43%
  • Peacock - no

    228 43.02%
  • Gems - no gems spent at all

    206 38.87%
  • Gems - bundle purchased

    70 13.21%
  • Gems - spring flower purchased

    100 18.87%
  • Gems - additional fences/paths purchased

    31 5.85%
  • Gems - yes but for other reasons

    150 28.30%
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Thread: Castle Story 4/13: The Baron's Tea Party | POLL ADDED - PLEASE VOTE

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    Quote Originally Posted by federerGOAT View Post
    Hmmm, going to need a LOT of red petals.

    Think I will skip this event on my second account. No way I'll be able to gather enough red petals.
    I'm out before it starts too...2 red petals...sorry community, won't be helping with this one.

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    Do the wells drop clay?

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    Please tell me where I can find raccoons! (Please disregard - I realized you need to chop a lot of tall grass!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hexappeal View Post
    Do the wells drop clay?
    Don't think so, and nor does the swampy pond but the mermaid pond does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scavaig View Post
    It's not so much that for me ... It's I really don't need or want more paths, more bushes, a third raccoon or another peacock.

    After the last quests inventive creations S8 have 'recycled' more things from the past.... And it feels very stale and a little desperate... (But At least it is not a league table) ;-) I am sure the event will hit the community target just before the finish ( as it usually does) without my help this time.

    Sitting this out and will take the chance to restock and redecorate.

    For 'castle story' now read 'zoo story' . There's Nothing to see here in this car crash .... Move along please ;-)

    As cave girl so rightly says ' oh where oh where has castle story gone?....'
    I'm going to L5 and then bowing out. Nothing in this one that I want. It's just not worth the time and effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoroak View Post
    This is a time and energy intensive event so for those who think they will definitely not be able to complete it, I would suggest that you try to at least level up the tea party to lvl 5 as it looks much nicer with servings on the table and patio with surrounding flowering shrubs. Level 5 tea party drops 9 tea cups so you would stand a good chance of qualifying for community prizes.
    And of course the spring raccoon is not too difficult to craft.
    Thanks for this info, I think I will make level 5 my aim. I really don't think I'll make it as I'm not having much luck with the clay, I still haven't managed to make level 3 yet. I am maxed on red dye so that's good at least. I'm not writing it off yet as we have quite a while to get there and I may do better than I think but I'm happy to know level five looks good and I can still contribute to the community with the 9 tea cups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnygirl634 View Post
    I ended up buying the new Spring Flowers since the back of the card says there is a chance for Spring Petals. It has a 16hr timer! I guess over 21 days it might make a difference, but I was expecting a much lower timer! Buyer beware.
    1st drop: 1 blue petal, 1 white petal
    2nd drop, 1 blue petal, 1 white petal, 2 spring petals

    So even though its not every time, the 2 spring petals drop was nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxiandtaz View Post
    My opinion if I had to choose 1 would be the wizard school as built to level 1 you can collect 6 energy every 5 hours the glimmer egg Ali you can only collect 1 time a day and it is a random drop from 4-40 maybe 100 but that is extremely rare from what I have read
    I agree but we are only allowed 2 Wizard Schools so Im going with the Ali while on sale.

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    Spiritwind, there's an error in requirements to level tea party from 6 to 7. Yes you need 12 invites and 20 settings but you need 5 not 3 teas. A mistake perhaps because the reward for levelling tea party to level 6 is 2 teas so you need to make only 3.

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    I have just upgraded to level 5 and while pretty, it does look blurry to me

    What do others think?

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