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  • Tea Party - L10

    140 26.42%
  • Tea Party - L8-L9

    269 50.75%
  • Tea party - no I tried but gave up

    141 26.60%
  • Peacock - yes

    262 49.43%
  • Peacock - no

    228 43.02%
  • Gems - no gems spent at all

    206 38.87%
  • Gems - bundle purchased

    70 13.21%
  • Gems - spring flower purchased

    100 18.87%
  • Gems - additional fences/paths purchased

    31 5.85%
  • Gems - yes but for other reasons

    150 28.30%
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Thread: Castle Story 4/13: The Baron's Tea Party | POLL ADDED - PLEASE VOTE

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    Quote Originally Posted by rulerofjennyville View Post
    I'd say the feast table is the most practical prize I got. Does anyone know what the level 10 tea party drop? Anything but coins?
    It, unfortunately, only drops coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybeast72 View Post
    THANK YOU! I cant help it either; I feel compelled to "finish" and yet I'm frustrated by this whole event so much so, that I open the game and just stare at it, stuck on where to direct my focus. Torn between the compulsion to finish the unfinishable or my desire to turn my attention to regular activities.
    Well, I found it incredibly liberating to get rid of all of the grass and put the ponds and mushrooms away a couple of days ago!

    I kind of wish I'd stopped as soon as I got enough teacups to get into the community prizes but I kept going till I got to level 8 on one game and level 9 on the other. I decided to keep trying for the peacock on the level 9 game just so the Royal Peacock could have a pretty friend to stand next to him and I used up about 15 gems to speed things up to help with this. I should easily make it with more normal play to get him, so no more frantic collecting / hovering over the game for me. The level 9 collections got me to a point of desperation. So many, so boring - and low collection rates on petals and tea leaves were really frustrating. I think anyone who actually does level 10 deserves a medal - or maybe a life!

    I know that various posters have said that it's all been achievable, but for those of us without multiple energy sources it was pretty near impossible. I'm going to make myself opt out at a much earlier stage another time if the prizes goal prizes aren't more desirable. I like the look of the level 5 to 9 tea table and the dessert display, but they will be slapped straight into storage as soon as I need the space - the fence is probably the only thing that will survive along with the egg laying peacock.

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    Yeah, I'm out too. Just to add and confirm what others have said, this is just tedious​ and boring. Reached level 8 after 4 days of constant pounding on rocks and fishing around in water for about a 30% return of porcelain. Even worse are the tea leaves. There's about a 25% return for effort there. And don't even get me started on the petals from the grass. There is no way I can find 400 more porcelain for 40 tea sets, if I was even remotely interested. And it seems I'll have to find even more for level 10. Come on S8, let's have a little more imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sophiensissi View Post
    I feel you! The first time I left something undone was in dragon story tales. S8 did the same thing on that game, where it made it next to impossible to win without spending gold (it's version of gems). I had a very hard time with it for about two weeks and now I never finish the tales and it feels great! I cared too much and now I'm so glad I let one go and then another and now I could care less. If I get some of it done, great. I still have passion about other things in that game, but not the impossible missions. Perhaps this will be invigorating to you if you leave it undone. I wasn't happy at first, but when the second impossible challenge came around, it was so much easier to ignore it. I'm a new woman! ��
    Thanks for the support I will consider what you are saying, but I'm kinda of an all-in or all-out player. I gave up FFS because it was just too frustrating. For me, CS is getting very close to being in that same category
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    I can't believe it but I actually finished this thing a few minutes ago. I had just about given up the tea party but I dredged on and finally finished. This has been an extremely frustrating and slowest progressing event yet. Fortunately I've been playing this game a long time so I had many resources available. Anyone that finished days ago had to have sped up or bought resources many times. I did speed up collecting tea cups a few times to make sure I got the peacock but used gems I collected and didn't buy them. The one thing I didn't finish was one of the timed trials because there was no way to complete it without forking over my precious gems. I'm retired so I'm able to play throughout the day but it became so frustrating and not enjoyable. I kept at it only because I decided I'm not a quitter. Good luck to those still plugging away. At least I now have 2 peacocks, the Royal and now this one. Maybe there will be babies soon. 😜

    One other note. CS should have had the tame Spring Raccoon drop useful items for this event at least every once in a while.

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    I could cry from frustration. Gave it a lot of time and effort and am a very long time player but this is just plain awful. On level 9 with no sugar left and don't get me started on those awful petals... I will also have to misout on the lovely peacock as I am at 1850 teacups so won't make it. I don't get how people finished this one. Never again! I left dragon tales for the very same reason as this

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    I must say out of all the events I have participated in since playing CS this one was the most challenging. I said I was going to stop at level 9 but I kept plugging along and just upgraded to level 10 a few minutes ago. I am level 48 soon to be level 49 and with 4 weekly Alicorns, 7 Daily Alicorns, 2 Wizard Schools still very hard. I like CS and I support the game by purchasing gems. I get very frustrated with CS sometimes. But at the end of the day we all must remember these events are optional and we don't have to participate. With that being said I will not post anymore frustrating and negative comments about events because I choose to play and participate. Good luck to those still working at it.

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    DONE DONE DONE...after playing this game for years and spending REAL money, I quit! Thanks Storm8 for ruining the only game I truly loved!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersaceMorrow View Post
    12 tea settings for me to just finish level 8 and I'm ok with that. I moved out of my house last week so I really didn't have time to devote to this event, but I'm not sure I could have finished even without all the chaos in my life these past few weeks.

    I read that the tea party looks unfinished all the way up until level 10, but I found if you place some things like trees or certain flowers near the corner where the tiles are missing, you can't see that corner and it looks good. That's if you need a 1000 coin building, of course, as many of us don't. Mine will probably go in storage
    It's missing tiles even at level 10.

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    After whining about how impossible this event is/was, I somehow managed to complete level 10, with about 20 hours left on the clock! Got my peacock/chicken yesterday too--so far, eggs and roasted chickens....
    To get through, I played the video ad for extra gems and energies, but I refused to spend anymore money on buying gems. Used up all my Alicorns and any sources of extra energies where I could. This event was an extreme resource drain, and took way too much of time for being just a game. I complain, but I still play (sad)....
    Anyways, just stored most of my ponds, mushrooms, destroyed extra piles of grass, and stabled my Alicorns...I feel free again!
    Having made it, I can also comfort anyone that couldn't get the upgrades in time, that they aren't missing out on much! The final upgrade doesn't drop any items but coins. The peacock is cute, but so far drops nothing valuable.
    Best of luck to everyone that are pushing till the clock runs out!

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