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Thread: Bakery Story Game Guide

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    Create A Storm8 ID

    Before you can add neighbours (explained in the Neighbours section) you must first create a Storm8 ID. To create a Storm8 ID open the Social page from the Main Menu and tap the Invite Friends tab. If you already have a Storm8 ID it will be displayed at the top of the page. If you do not have a Storm8 ID, you will have to sign up for one. Remember that when choosing a Storm8 ID this is what you will give to other players if you want them to invite you as a neighbour, so be sure that you choose wisely.

    Note: Your Storm8 ID and password are important for recovering your Storm8 games in case you lose your device or games.

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    You can become neighbours with your friends from other Storm8 Studios and Storm8 games or become neighbours with Community members you've met in Bakery Story. A neighbour is similar to a Community member but you can leave them tips 6 times each day instead of 3 and send them gifts.

    To become neighbours you need to follow these easy steps:
    1. Open the Social page from the Main Menu, tap the Invite Friends tab and signup for a Storm8 ID if you haven't already.
    2. Tap the empty box next to the "Friend's Storm8 ID" text, enter your friend's Storm8 ID, and tap Invite.
    You have now invited someone to be your neighbour. They won't show up as your neighbour until they Accept the Invite.

    Likewise, other players can invite you to be their neighbour using your Storm8 ID (creating a Storm8 ID is explained in the Create A Storm8 ID section). To see if someone has invited you to become their neighbour, open the Social page and tap the Invite Friends tab. Neighbour Requests that you have received will be displayed and you can either Accept or Decline them.

    You can add your ID and find others looking for neighbours in the Add Me forum.

    Discussion thread:

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    Gifts & Requests

    Giving Gifts
    To give a Gift to another player, you must first add them as a neighbour You can then send a Gift either directly through the Neighbours page by tapping the Gift button next to their name or by visiting a Neighbor's bakery and then tapping the Gift icon on the right side of the screen.

    You can gift as many neighbours as you like but you can only send 1 gift to a neighbour a day. Once your neighbour has received 20 gifts, you will not be able to gift them until the next game day. Game resets at midnight California time. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the S8 time zone.

    Receiving Gifts
    When a neighbour sends you a gift, a gift box icon will appear above the main menu icon on your main screen - the number next to this gift box is how many gifts you have waiting for you. Tap on the gift box to open it and accept or decline the gifts you've been sent. Accepted gifts will go to your Inventory and you'll be given an option to send a gift back to the Neighbour who sent you the original gift.

    You can receive 20 gifts a day and you wont be able to receive more until the next game day. If you decline a gift, you can receive another when your neighbours send you.

    You can send parts requests to ask your neighbours to help to build your appliances or task requests for their help during goals. You can send as many requests as you like per game day but your neighbours can only accept 20 of your requests. If you send more than 20 requests today, the remainder of your requests will carry to the next game day. Although there's no limit to how many requests you can send each day, take note not to jam up your request queue and cause a delay in the response time, especially during time sensitive goal period.

    Discussion thread:
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    Frequently asked questions

    Why Is My Food Spoiled?
    Food that finishes cooking but isn't moved to the serving counter in time will eventually spoil. The amount of time it takes for a dish to spoil is approximately the amount of time it takes for that dish to cook, so if a dish takes 1 day to cook, once it finishes cooking you have approximately 1 more day to serve it before it spoils.

    Why Doesn't Espresso or Some Dishes Appear On My Oven?
    Ovens and drink mixers each make different types of dishes (for example, ovens can only make baked food). If you want to find different dishes, try to think about which of these appliances it would be cooked on and you should find it there.

    Why Are Customers Leaving Angry?
    Customers will leave angry for one of 4 reasons.
    1. There are no prepared dishes for the customers to eat or drink.
    2. There is not enough sitting room in your bakery (sitting room means an empty chair facing an empty table)..
    3. The path to the empty chair is blocked by furniture or decorations.
    4. The path to the Cash Register is blocked by furniture or decorations.

    What is the Holiday Box?
    Opening the Holiday Box gives you a chance to obtain items you can't find anywhere else! Tap "Design" in the home screen, then select the 8th tab (Expand).

    How Do I Expand My Bakery?
    Tap "Design" in the home screen, then select the 8th tab (Expand).

    How Do I Move Items In My Bakery?
    Items can be moved by opening the Design menu. Once you open the Design menu, tap on the item in your bakery that you would like to move to select it, then drag that item to the new location you would like to place it. Once you place the item in the new location, you will need to tap it again to confirm its new placement. If you try to place an item in a location that is already occupied by anotheer item, then the action will fail and it will return to its original location.

    How Do I Find Items In Storage?
    When you store an item, receive a gift, or receive a special item through the Magic Box, it is placed in the appropriate category inside of the Design menu. For example, if you store a table, it will be placed in the Tables category. To place it in your bakery again simply open that category and tap or drag the item into your bakery.
    All stored items have a marker in the lower right corner along with a number signifying how many of that item you have stored.

    How Do I Sell Items In My Bakery?
    If you would like to sell an item in your bakery, open the Design menu and then tap on the item you want to sell. On the right side of the screen you will see three icons: the price tag icon (marked as Sell) allows you to sell items from your bakery for a small percentage of the initial cost of that item. Tap on this icon and you will be asked to confirm your decision - doing so will sell the item. Please remember that all decisions to sell items are final and that sold items cannot be recovered.

    Where can I find Storm8 Studios' privacy policy?
    Our privacy policy is available at

    Where can I find Storm8 Studios' terms of service?
    Our terms of service is available at
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    How can I get more gems?
    You can get gems through the following:
    • by purchase
    • game download goals
    • collecting from gem dispenser
    • watch a video
    • mastering recipes (upon completion of levels 2 and 4 of each recipe)

    Buy gems
    You can get more Gems by tapping the [Add] button next to the [Gems] icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this [Add] button, you will be able to select from various Gem offers available for purchase.

    Other games goals
    You sometimes get goals to download and play other Storm8 games in your goal list. Download and play these games to be rewarded with gems.

    When you get this game goal prompt in Bakery Story, do not install the new game immediately. You should check your other Storm8 games and see they get this prompt. This way, you will get the gem/gold rewards in your other games as well.

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    Regarding In-App Purchases

    If This Is A Free Game Why Was I Charged?
    Storm8 Studios games are free to download and play. We offer optional products through in-app purchases that serve to enhance various aspects of gameplay.

    I Made An Unintentional Purchase, What Can I Do?
    For your security and protection, Apple handles all aspects of these transactions. You will need to contact Apple directly if you wish for a refund on these transactions.

    I Do Not Want To Pay Money Ever. How Do I Prevent Myself From Making Unintentional Purchases?
    There is a way to restrict In-App Purchases on your device. On your device, please go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under "Allowed Content".

    Please read the Regarding In-App Purchases thread for more information.
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