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Thread: ★ Tournament: Jungle Dragon : 12 Apr 17 .. ★

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    Finally defeated Barbarian 20 after about 24 hours. Used Mithrill 11 by the way.

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    I usually don't try for the tourneys cause I've yet to get one of my dragons to lvl 15, but I really liked this one so I'm trying (plus sadly at lvl 183 & I'm just learning to lvl up my champions for these tournaments lol) *thanks to finally doing research & you all being so helpful! Anyways, I thought I would help since Glasswing wasn't terrible for me:

    Glasswing - (lost with Glasswing12 bmb), beat with Harmony10 bmb

    Hope that might help. And thanks everyone for all you're's made a huge difference in my game!

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    My first serious battle tournament try is a success! Won the jungle dragon! Good luck to those who are still competing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katali119 View Post
    Disposable Fire Strategy: Use whatever your best dragon is (Diamond, Infinity, etc) and then while that one is healing, use a level 1 fire dragon. Costs 100 coins to buy, has as much chance as almost every other dragon in the game against Glasswing, and instead of taking 2 hours & 500 coins to heal, takes 100 to buy and 8 seconds to hatch a new one each time. I have just beaten Glasswing with a level 1 Fire dragon, and this is not the first time against Glasswing, and I also use it against other tough to beat dragons whilst my top fighters are healing. Another plus to this strategy is no long spa queue. Just remember it will take on average about 10 battles, and that does mean sometimes it might take 2+ days to beat, because it is the toughest dragon in the game.

    ETA: Forgot to say, not my strategy, shared from a genius
    OMG thanks!!! 1 day battle with Glasswing and nothing!
    With the fire strategy ..just 3 fire dragon and goodbye glasswing!!
    You are my hero

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    Sorry in advance for the ranting but MAN, I am super frustrated. As many others are in the same situation, I am now on Day 3 of battling that piece of poo Glasswing.

    I have gone through Diamonds, all my Champions, Sphinx (since it was mentioned earlier), Little Hero, The Dark One several times, Fires at least 7 times, etc

    This is doing the arena EVERY bloody hour as much as possible, for now onto 3 days. No player should have to spend this much ridiculous time on a SINGLE dragon.

    If it were a bit closer to the final boss round, I would consider an ultimate at this point because this is just mind-boggling. But I would have 6 more rounds left and don't want to get stuck yet again, wasting that ultimate for nothing :/

    BAH. Sorry guys. Just so frustrated because this always seems to happen when I try my hardest to do a tournament and 90% of the time, come up empty handed and completely run out of time.

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    Sunflower took two attempts to fall to my lvl 12 Gentle Knight.

    It's getting down to the wire. I'm dreading that Barbarian, and won't have days to spend on him.

    a_beautiful_day, you might try maturing a few dragons to lvl 13. That has a pretty good return on investment, oddswise, I think. I had almost 2 million apples. Getting my Glasswing to 15 and Huntress to level 10 took about half my stores...Grrr... and has yielded marginal satisfaction over their previous levels.

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    Finally beat Glasswing with Mytic6 Bb on secondary account. Still no luck on main - will try Mythic there next

    EDIT: Mythic7 lost on main
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    Can the mods please bring tournament battles up seriously with the Dragon Story team? Everyone is beyond sick and tired of this. Every single tournament there is one or 2 champion or diamond high level dragons that can take up to 30 attempts to beat. This is top level players using maxed level dragons with the best chance of 25%. This is not confirmation bias. It happens repeatedly... it's a pattern. A pattern of taking advantage of players. Enough is enough. Please do something about it. Either the team is complicit in this and the mods are getting fed a line or there is bad code somewhere.

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    FINALLY beat Glasswing after over 72 hours with Guardian Angel lv 12 but that was about my 6th try with that dragon...
    Hope the rest of the tournament goes smoothly but not looking forward to battling Barbarian!

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    This tournament is []. 3 and half days on glasswing. I've used everything people have told me to use and nothing. I think this is rediculious. Not fun at all anymore.
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